The comment, disgruntled, annoyance, and other negative emotions had increased since the government had decided to abolish all the restrictions they had set during the Movement Control Order era. With more people using public transport and going to the office instead of Working From Home, they had been a massive increase in traffic congestion. The traffic congestion is worse than before as the car lovers seem to be stuck in the traffic jam every time, including the peak hours. A traffic jam can be one source of annoyance while driving; nonetheless, they are more incidents or scenarios that can also increase our negative emotions on the go.

Besides the traffic congestion, further stress and irritation can be piled up when the car lovers encounter other drivers who forget or do not know how to activate the signal before changing lanes or turning. Some drivers who lack consideration for others can make a sudden turn without activating the signal light, which can cause panic and anxiety for the car behind. Sometimes this can cause an accident from behind, which can be unfair for the driver who follows behind as they will be guilty parties for these types of accidents.

Furthermore, we can also encounter some drivers who love to drive in a lackadaisical manner. In simpler terms, they are moving too slow in the middle and speed lane. Driving too slow can be good as the driver can quickly react to any mishap, especially on the trunk road. In spite of that, driving too slow on the highway is not the right move; it can cause a massive disruption for the car that follows behind. This driving style has been said to be another reason for the massive traffic jams in our country. It will create more annoyance for car lovers if the car that drives too slow in the middle or speed lane is a premium car.

The RFID toll booth was created to ease some traffic congestion in toll booths, especially during peak time. Together with  RFID, they are also a Touch n Go toll booth simultaneously eliminates the cash toll booth. The cash toll booth had been ceased to exist as it had been claimed to cause a disruption of the car flow in the toll booth. Unfortunately, the RFID and Touch n Go do not eliminate these problems. Some of the toll booths had an inefficient RFID reader, which prevented the car from going through the toll booth. As a consequence, it again disrupted the toll booth. Even in the Touch n Go toll booth, some things happen when a car lover does not realize that their car has insufficient amount to pass through the toll gate, which causes another disruption similar to RFID.

With the immense popularity of the home delivery and item delivery app like Food Panda, GrabFood, Lala Move, Lazada, Shoppe, and some the fast-food also provide a home delivery services. Most delivery boys who work on their respected online food or item delivery companies use a motorcycle, creating another unwanted source of chagrin. The motorcycle drivers of these applications need to deliver their items or food to their respected customers swiftly to prevent any damages to their rating, which can hit their benefits and compensation. Because of this, they will drive dangerously, sometimes catching the car driver by surprise. In a sorrowful situation, some drivers passed away on the road because of the accident, which is an incident that possibly needs to be avoided.

Some drivers will love to use the timesaver method to avoid the massive anaconda-like jam, as they will use the emergency lane. With the prevalence of the car DVR, some drivers will be caught in the recorder together with their car number plates, and the time will be uploaded to social media. Thenceforth, the driver and his car number will receive numerous angry backlash from the netizens. They are also some Facebook pages on the DVR recording from the car, which show multiple drivers using the shortcut through the emergency lane. The drivers using the emergency lane will be deemed as drivers who lack consideration and self–centered.

As mentioned, traffic congestion can cause some aggravation among car lovers, especially during these times. Occasionally a traffic jam can happen because of the accident. However, the accident occurs on the other routes, and a traffic jam happens on the following routes. The reason for these peculiar traffic jams is because the car drivers in the non-accident will have a look at the accident, comment, take a photo, or even try to observe the car number plate to try their luck in the jackpot, and these are one of the reasons on traffic congestion happen in the non-accident roads. This can cause a significant irritation among some car lovers.

One more scenario that can cause a wave of massive anger from car lovers is double parking. Some drivers will love to double park and do not provide any number to contacts or take too long to come back. Some courteous drivers will make double parking if it is short works such as making or buying some stuff, and this type of driver will usually be on sight. It is easier for them to alert them on moving the car. Some are humble enough to acknowledge and apologies. However, the source of aggravation will come when the driver who had made the double parking is not in sight and takes too long to move their car, and worst of all, they do not apologize for their mistakes and move the car as if nothing happened.

As mentioned above, some of the scenarios and the incident are another layer of chagrin that can create a massive negative emotion. Some car lovers can be caught in a verbal altercation or physical brawl. It is not hyperbole to say that some of these brawls had happened, and we had seen on the viral video uploaded on the social media or Whatsapp Group. It is no wonder that driving on the Malaysian road can test our forbearance, and some drivers can lose it if they have a bad day, whether in their career or family.
















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