The mobile phone when it was created had eliminated the needs for a landline where a phone and line need to fix in an easily accessible place for us to communicate. Once the mobile phone is large in term of the size and the function is only able to receive and make a call on the go hence the important calls, emergency call, and the business call will be attended shortly and instantly without any interruption. After that the function in the mobile phone had been added to receiving and sending message, reminder, listening to music, and some specific mobile company functions.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X the handphone in the past which had a big size with a bigger price

With the introduction of the mobile phone operating system that is dominated by Android and IOS, it had been seen the introduction of the online app store. For Apple IOS it is the AppStore and for Android-based, it is the Google Play Store. The app had intruded our life where now we can make an online money transfer, making a hotel booking, online remittance, flight booking, photo editing, social media, listening to video and audio, live telecast all on the move. The mobile phone had been transformed into a smartphone and our life had changed forever.

With the increasing functionality of the smartphone, the user had demanded so that they will be able to project their smartphone on the big screen like the television and from this demand comes the phone mirroring function. The phone mirroring had been a revelation and the car infotainment also had been able to receive the mirroring function too. The mirroring function in the car can be functioned via the HDMI cable or in some car infotainment especially in the high-end product without any cable and it is called as Air Mirroring.

An HDMI mirror cable

The mirroring function whether via HDMI cable or via Air mirroring had been useful for the car lovers where now they will be able to mirror their phone in the car infotainment screen. This function will be useful when they are using the navigation app, watching the video on the phone or via online video sharing such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo and many others. The mirroring function also can make the user sharing some relevant information to the passengers in the car too.

The mirroring, however, does have a downside where it will drain the battery of the smartphone and the use of the power bank or USB charger is a must when using these mirroring function. However, what had been become a revelation once it on the verge of not be relevant anymore. The introduction of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto had seen the need for the mirroring function been reduced significantly. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be expected to add the more third-party app in the future hence now the car lover be able to see everything in the car infotainment system without the need for the mirroring.

The car audio manufacturer too like Kenwood and Pioneer too had their own app in the infotainment system. Kenwood had named their infotainment app as Kenwood Weblink and Pioneer as RadioApp. Both of this app can help the car lovers on the navigation, playing video and also the linking to the social media. Kenwood Weblink too had a concierge service in the Weblink called as Yelp. The independent app of car audio manufacture makes the mirroring function is not more relevant anymore unlike in the past.

The app in the Kenwood Weblink

The mirroring once is a must have a requirement for the ever-growing smartphone user but now the mirroring function is not to be relevant anymore with the introduction of the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and the app by the audio manufacturer. However, some car lovers still using the mirroring as it is the OEM head unit function in their car and changing the head unit is something that can void the warranty of the car especially when changing the player needs a wire harness or simply called as wire cut. This is one the reason where the mirroring function is still been used by the car lovers. In the high-end car audio head unit, the mirroring function and the app are installed to give the car lover the choices.

The mirroring function is now only available in the high-end car audio which can be costly to change where the non-mirroring function and app-based will be on the cheaper side and this will be another reason on the needs for the mirroring is not relevant anymore. The mirroring function will be used for the navigation purpose, watching the video, showing a picture, and surfing the social media. However, with the app based that had all this content and with the Apple Car Play and Android Auto able to do this in the present and which more function added in the future, the mirroring will be a thing in the past in the car.

Which the app-based function in the car audio manufacturer and which more 3rd party app support in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will the mirroring function will truly be defunct in the future? The answer is no as they are still some car lovers who prefer to use the mirroring function whether via air mirroring or via the HDMI cable as it can provide more freedom for them and easier to control with just a simple selecting and watching the display in the car head unit.

Apart from that sooner or later the app-based function of the car head unit maker and also the more choice of 3rd party app in the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is looking like to be choice of future for the car lovers in integrating the smartphone with the head unit to see the navigation display or watching any video. With this, the mirroring function will be not relevant anymore in the car head and the mirroring will also look like to need to endure some fate like the radio cassette which had been defunct. Even some car manufacturer also had included their own app based in their car head unit itself hence the mirroring function is looked like to not relevant anymore.

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