The tire is one of the most important safety parts for the car as it is the only parts that will contact the road and the car lovers will never hesitate to spend a buck on changing the best tire possible for their car. They are many tire brands in our countries to choose from like Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Silverstone, Firestone, Kumho, Yokohama, Pirelli, Achilles, Sime Tires and much more. Since they are many choices for the tire the car lovers will take some time to choose the best tires for their cars based on the rim sizes, characteristic of the tire, tire prices, popularity of tire brand, reputation of the workshop and many more but among all these tires 2 European brands Michelin and Continental is the most popular tire choice in our country.

Michelin from France with the quality of longevity, durability, and provides maximum grip while the Continental is from German with the marketing tagline of German Engineering. Michelin had been in Malaysia way before Continental as in 1969 and with Goodyear, both can be considered as the veteran in the Malaysian tires market. Continental had only been present in the Malaysia in early 90’s with the collaboration with Sime Darby Group. Both Michelin and Continental tire had their own followers in our Malaysia markets and both is the choice of the car manufacturer for their OEM tires like for Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and much more. Today we will look at both European tire manufacturers and try to compare in every aspect possible as both are one of the biggest tire manufacturers along with Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Pirelli.

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Other Business.

Michelin surprisingly apart from making tires unusually had another business too with is not related to the automotive line. They also have the Michelin Online Mapping and Michelin Tour Guide especially their rating on the restaurant around the world where the restaurant that had received a Michelin 3 Star will make the restaurant gained a lot of popularity and become famous as their rating is one of a reliable and trustworthy source as it had been done anonymously with the reviewer been sponsored by Michelin itself.

michelin 3 star
An example of a restaurant that had received Michelin 3 Star rating

For Continental, apart from the making tires, they are specialized in making brakes, powertrain and chassis components, automotive safety, and vehicle electronics. Their business is still within the automotive industries unlike Michelin whom taking a different path in terms of their other business.


Michelin is the first tire manufacturer to commercialized, designed, and developed the radial tire with had been the basis for the current car tires. Michelin also is the pioneer on the run flat tire although they had stopped from producing this tire as it is deemed to be expensive for the private car users. Continental meanwhile still producing the run flat tire and at some time consistently making sure that their tire has a low rolling resistance. Both tire manufacturers are second to none when comes to innovating their tire and in the end, the car lovers will absolutely have a great tire from both that make them the popular tire choice in our country.


Tire Production in Our Region.

Michelin tire basically made in Thailand as they had a plant that is called as Michelin Siam Co. Ltd in Chonburi while Continental had a collaboration with Sime Darby hence most of their tire is Made in Malaysia but with the German technologies. This is one of the reasons that basically in all Michelin we can see that it was Made in Thailand and Continental tire is Made in Malaysia.


michelin thailand.png
Michelin Siam Co. Ltd plant


The price of the Tire.

If compared with Continental tire Michelin will be on the higher side but with longer tire warranties among all its peer as Michelin provides 5 years warranties. The Continental tire is basically cheaper but except for the ContiSportContact range where the price is far higher than Michelin as this tire is imported and was Made in Germany.

Popular Tire in Range.

Michelin most popular tire will be Michelin XM series, Primacy series and the most popular Michelin Pilot Sports Series while Continental famous tire will be ContiComfortContact where the price is cheaper and the latest ContiUltraContact tire that is far cheaper than the ContiSportContact. On the production of the tire, Michelin is far slower compared to Continental as they were rolling out a new tire each year especially on their ContiComfortContact ranges. For example, Michelin takes nearly 4 years to release their new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 replacing the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 where Conti had taken less than 2 years to release their new tire on ContiComfortContact 6 replacing the previous ContiComfortContact 5.



Michelin although is far expensive than Continental but fortunately it is still the most popular tire in our country. Many of the car lovers will love to fix the Michelin tire as their tire is durable, long lasting and has the longest tire warranties among all its peer but Continental does not fall far behind as their tire is too is the popular choice among the car lovers especially their ContiComfortContact range and ContiMaxContact ranges.

Michelin and Continental tire as per mentioned have their own loyal followers among the car lovers and both tires are the most popular car manufacturer OEM tires. Both European tires had created an innovation and good reputation that had made them as one the most trusted tire brand in the world ahead of another European tire competitor   Pirelli. Although Pirelli is one of the 5 most popular tire brands Michelin and Continental are the far popular choice for the tire in our countries. Maybe in Europe Pirelli is one of the famous brands but in our country, Michelin and Continental are still the King of Tire and the best choices for our car lovers and for the car manufacturer OEM tires. Both will be expected to be better and makes more innovation on their tires in the futures and continuing their great reputation among the car lovers.




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