With its unique recognized mascot Bibendum, Michelin is one of the best tire makers. Michelin is the only tire company in the world that had a mascot that is loveable and recognized. Michelin had taken utmost care on their official mascot to the point the mascot Bibendum is associated with Michelin. Michelin is also one of the big four conglomerates in the tire makers and Goodyear, Continental, and Bridgestone. Michelin also is the tire maker that had spearhead the radial tire, and currently, most of the tire manufactured is a radial tire. The tires also have a five-year warranty, and true to their promise, the Michelin tire is also robust and durable.

As an esteemed tire maker parallels with being one of the “Big Fours” in the tire industry, Michelin had planned to shake up the tire industries again. When the radial tire was introduced, it was an upgraded version that provides many benefits compared to the contemporary tire in the early ’50s. Now Michelin had planned to launch the UPTIS tire, an acronym for Unique Proof – Puncture Tire System.

Michelin wants to launch this new revolution in tire making to eliminate the risk of flat tires and erase the air loss failure that can happen due to tire puncture. With the experience and expertise in tire making and collaboration with General Motors, one of the Michelin valued partners, they wish to UPTIS tire as mainstream in most cars by 2024. GM is expected to get the first UPTIS tire fitted on their car model as a joint partner.

Michelin had invested an enormous amount of time and money in making these a reality by the expected time as they had found they are many advantages on the UPTIS tire.

The first advantages are that the car owners, drivers, and passengers can feel safe while driving regardless of the road hazards. They are guarded and shielded by the UPTIS tire features that eliminate the risk of the flat tire and sometimes hinder the air loss failure. These will a gave great tranquillity for the drivers and passengers while driving. The need for jack and spare tires also will be banished to the history books with these tires. The run-flat tire also eliminates the jack and spare tire needs, but the run-flat tire is not available in all the cars like Michelin wants to implement with their UPTIS tire.

The UPTIS tire will also be helpful in the business world, especially those involved in the delivery of pieces of equipment. The effect of the delivery and reputation to the business and end-user will take a big hit as tire failure can consume a lot of unnecessary time, hindering the business’s growing nature. Since the UPTIS tire will eliminate the tire failure and the air loss, business owners and the end-user will no longer have to worry about these unwanted situations.

Due to the tire eliminates the tire failure and the tire burst, Michelin had claimed that it could be saved up to 2 million tons of wasted material every year, contributing vastly to the environment. Another advantage of the UPTIS tire is that it can be retreaded and does not need to be replaced, further shaking up the tire industry.

Before the tire can be introduced to the mainstream, it needs to be tested vigorously in the real world. The UPTIS tire is built for heavy equipment. The ride can be harsh and stiff on the regular passenger cars; hence, they need a massive improvement. The automobile lovers who had fitted these tires once they had been introduced will have a comfortable ride similar to the current radial tire.

With the harshness and stiff comes another complication, and that is the increase of the road noise. Most of the latest modern-day manufacturers had worked hard to eliminate the tire’s rolling resistance to ensure the automobile lovers can have a comfortable ride with minimal road noise coming from the tire.  With the UPTIS in starting point had been encountered with these issues, the tire needs to be refined and tweaked so that it will have some benefits as the present-day tire added with UPTIS own superiority from the ongoing mainstream tire.

Failure to eliminate these issues will make UPTIS tire a tremendous loss despite its mammoth advantages. The current automobile had used to drive a vehicle with reduced rolling resistance and decreased the road noise coming from the tire. The automobile lovers will hesitate when the UPTIS is launched with great benefits but with a primordial problem of the radial tire that the current tire makers had diminished.

Hence, therefore Michelin and GM had decided to introduce these UPTIS tires in the market in 2024 as they need to polish up and tweak the cons from the UPTIS tire. Once the UPTIS tire stumbling block had been improved significantly, the tire will be an in-demand tire in the future. The tire will provide great peace for the driver as they will eliminate the tire failure and give a tremendous boost to the delivery department’s economic growth due to a decrease in the downtime due to the tire failure.

The need to provide the supreme experience with safety in mind and from the business perspective had led Michelin to introduce the UPTIS tire. However, every considerable benefit and stumbling block need to be removed to ensure the tire will be in demand upon its launch hence the reason that we need to wait until 2024 to see the tire in the popular markers. The tire performance and sought after will depend on the ride experience that the automobile lovers were getting from the tire.

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