Changing a car tyre can be a difficult choice if the car lovers love the previous car tyre. In this situation, the human nature will kick as we want to change something and in this case the car tyre, we will expect to have a better tyre than the current tyre. Now like everyone I have a difficult choice to replace my Michelin Pilot Sport 3(PS3) for my Ford where the size is 215 / 50 /17. I loved Michelin tyre but on this time, I wish to try the Continental Sports Contact series tyre. In this car, my first option to try the ContiSportContact 5 (CSC 5) or the latest ContiSportContact 6(CSC 6). Had surveyed in many shops with regards to this Conti tyre and the response is the CSC5  is available for my size but I had decided to not change it as the price is enormously high for my car tyre size. For CSC6 my size is not available as the size range starts from R 18.

So, since I unable to get Conti Sports tyre, I decided to change to Michelin Pilot Sport 4(PS4) tyre at Lim Tyre in Taman Melawati. Since this is my favorites place to change my car tyre as I had changed all 3 tyres with them and they know my preference, they only show to me the Michelin tyre brand. The price that was quoted to me RM600 per tyre and I decided to change to PS4. I start to love Michelin since the day I had decided to fix the evergreen Michelin Pilot Preceda 2(PP2) and then from on I started to use Michelin XM2 and currently PS3 and now Michelin Pilot Sport 4. I had felt in love with the durability, reliability, and the longevity of this tyre. Expect for the PS3, the Pilot Precede 2 and XM2 I have used for nearly 58,000km.

Now I had used this PS4 tyre for nearly 3000km, this is my review on this tyre.

Steering Control & Reactivity

In the Michelin Malaysia specification for the PS4, they had mentioned with regards to the Steering Control and Reactivity where simply they had mentioned that the tyre will stick to the road by adapting to the road condition. As for now, it is not product gimmick and the tyre is sticking to the road. I had tested this tyre in Duke Highway at the midnight and to really test this, I had switched off my VSC in my car and the results even with the VSC is off the no feeling of understeer or oversteer when I’m taking a high-speed cornering even with above 120km/h on this highway. It giving me an assurance of great tyre that will stick and adapt to the road condition and I am satisfied with it.

VSC is off in my car

Safety & Handling in the Wet

Many of the car lovers will love the tyre that can provide outstanding grip in the wet. The Michelin PS4 provide the excellent grip in the wet as mentioned on their website. As I had used this tyre what can I say that it provides an excellent grip in the wet as in the normal condition and amazingly the grip is far superior from the PS3 where it is a hard task to replace and to make a tyre that is far better than the already excellent PS3 and PS4 had topped it by miles in the term of wet condition. No matter how wet is the road they are no sign of the tyre is losing its grip as for now.

Distinctive Sidewall

Comparing the PS3 and PS4 on this part is a piece of cake. The PS4 does look to have a premium touch on the sidewall where the tyre specification is quite clear and look classy. It replicates the design of Michelin Pilot Super Sport which is Michelin ultra-high-performance tyre.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 sidewall

Michelin Total Performance.


The total performance in Michelin where is combined all the necessary criteria for the tyre that is made in Asia Pacific road like longevity, grip, comfort, performance, handling, durability and fuel efficiency. Although on Michelin PS3 had this Total Performance but since it was launched on 2011, it does not have the total performance and only lately they are Total Performance in PS3 where in the PS4 the had incorporated the latest Total Performance and the results are excellent. The previous PS3, they the only downside for the tyre is the noise level is higher but in the PS4 with Michelin Total Performance the noise level is less and the only sound that I can hear is the engine sound. Even though PS4 is sports tyre but the comfort of the tyre and durability is far better than PS3. It absorbs the road condition perfectly and although the PS3 perform well in this section apart from the noise level, it is a credit to the Michelin engineer to make it an exceptional better on the PS4.

Unlike Continental tyre where it looks they are making new tyre each year, Michelin does not produce new tyre for quite some time. They took nearly 4 years to create a new Pilot Sports series after the introduction of PS3 but once they had launched the results is usually exceptional tyre that has an all the necessary criteria of a great tyre to enhanced their reputation. Although Michelin can be said to be on higher on the price compared to other brands but in term of ride qualities, longevity, and grip Michelin is still one the best tyre in the world.

In this, the Michelin PS4 is a superb upgrade to the PS3 and the downside of the PS3 is the noise level and that had been reduced in this PS4 and I hope the longevity of the PS4 is better than PS3 as based on my experience with the PS3, this is the shortest Michelin tyre I had used where I had changed when it is near 35,000km where the Pilot Preceda 2 and Michelin XM2 I had changed it went it went to nearly 58,000km. For those who is Michelin fans and for those who want to tyre the Michelin tyre for the first time, they will love this tyre.

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