On the scorching hot evening in Tuesday, I and my friend went to Hap Seng Star Motors in Jalan Ipoh that selling the Mercedes Benz car. After Cycle and Carriage Sdn Bhd they are the next official Mercedes Benz distributor in our country. We had seen the Mercedes Benz C Class, E Class, GLA Mercedes Benz SUV, and A-Class was on display in the showroom. We had requested on the availability to test drive the Mercedes Benz C200 Exclusive Line and the salesman had said that is available. As for their procedure, the showroom had requested for our identification card to write our details in a form and once it had been completed we are ready for the test driver of this car.

Jalan Ipoh Hap Seng Star showroom

The first impression on the Mercedes Benz is the interior. Mercedes Benz as a one of the kind interior that can’t be seen in the other car. They are no gear knob as the gear selector is mounted in the steering on the right-hand side and also, they are 5 air conditioner ventilators in the car again one of a kind interior design that only can be found in the Mercedes Benz. Like a typical Mercedes Benz, this design makes the car looks premium and luxury.

The air cond interior of the Mercedez Benz

Speaking of the air conditioner, the controller for this air conditioner too is unique. It is touch sensitive and it had a toggle that resembles the piano and it is easy to use. The interior center console does not have a gear knob but instead, a Touchpad for the Mercedes Benz infotainment system called as the COMMAND is fixed in the middle. The wood interior of the center console a must-have design in the luxury car is present in this car. The rear seat is a comfort and has a great leg room and simply to put it is so beautifully and elegantly designed car.

The beautiful interior of the Mercedez Benz

The test drive begins where we need to reverse the car by using the steering mounted gear selector and what looks like an odd way to change the gear is actually a pretty easy way to change. Just a flick of the selector downward activated the reverse camera and the first impression of the view is clearly like high definition unlike the blurry view in my Honda CRV. With the 6-parking sensor in the front and rear, reversing the car without hitting any hurdles is a breeze.

Now we are driving the car in the busy Jalan Ipoh road, and I already feel awkward to drive as the car does not have a gear knob but in term of insulation of the car, it is near perfect as I can’t hear any wind noise or vibration intrudes while I’m driving. Now understood why some car lovers love the Mercedes Benz car. The gear shifting is also smooth where the shifting is super-fast and never had any feelings of the gear shifting. Taking cornering and turning does not feel awkward even though the car is big as like the gear shifting, it is smooth for the car on this size.

On the Honda HRV to activate the Auto Hold, the user needs to press the auto hold button fixed in the center console and at some time wearing the seat belt to use this function. In Mercedes Benz, to activate the Auto Hold, we just need press the brake hard slightly and the auto hold function is activated and no seat belt wearing is required. One thing that I dislike is they are no keyless entry and only have a keyless start for the car that is priced for RM257,000 as it is only available in the Mercedes Benz C250 AMG line that is priced for RM287,000 an extra RM30,000

The performance of the car again is silky smooth with a great NVH. Tried to test the COMMAND system by using the Touchpad in the center and it is great although I prefer the knob style that fixed in the BMW i-Drive where I feel it is much easier but with a daily usage of the Touchpad, the user will feel more comfortable with it.

We had ended our test driver but on the short test drive, I feel the car is great and had a great comfort especially on the long driver where I feel the comfort design of the car will be an advantage. After the test drive, we had spoken to the showroom salesperson about the car price and minimum deposit that needs to be paid. I also asked about the difference in C250 AMG and C200 Exclusive. The difference between this 2 car models is that on C250 they are keyless entry, a 13 Burmester speaker, powered boot with a contactless opening, more horsepower and torque, adaptive LED projector light which basically an active cornering lights, and finally, an extra RM30,000 which I feel worth consider the specification offered on C250 AMG Line.

Had ended our test drive but I still feel about the driving experience on the Mercedes Benz and from the test driver, I had known on why many of our car lovers like Mercedes Benz than BMW. It had a great comfort, a huge rear space, a one of kind interior, and feeling of attachment with the car. Before the test drive, I love BMW but now after test driving the Mercedes Benz I loved the car and now this is the car that becomes my dream car. If I had the financial ability, I will purchase the C250 and now I am aiming it to achieve my dream of purchasing this car. The test drive had made me become the fan of Mercedes Benz.



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