Once upon a time in our country, they are 2 Japanese car model that will be the ultimate choice for the car loves in our country and that is Toyota and Honda. For Toyota, the model that is popular among the car lovers is Toyota Vios, Toyota Corolla Altis, and the classic choice Toyota Camry. For Honda meanwhile, the popular choice is the Honda City, Honda CRV, Honda Civic, the crossover SUV Honda HRV and Honda Accord. But presently they are another Japanese car manufacturer that had created a niche for themselves in our country and that is nonother than Mazda.

The new Honda CRV with the Honda Sensing is one of the best sellers in our country

Mazda model like the Mazda 3 hatchback version, their SUV like Mazda CX-3 and CX-5, and their flagship sedan model Mazda 6 had created their own loyal follower in our country. Mazda had made a name for themselves since their post partnership with Ford Motors and now they had become the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. With their headquarters in Hiroshima, the place where the atom bomb had given a devastating effect for the people in Japan, Mazda had made a name for themselves and had established as one of the popular Japanese car maker presently.

Presently this Mazda CX-5 is one of the best seller SUV in our country

With their Skyactive engine and transmission where it was designed to reduce the fuel consumption that rivaled the hybrid powertrain, creating a high compression ratio gasoline engine, making a highly efficient automatic transmission, and a lighter weight manual transmission. With their continuous innovation of these technologies, now Mazda engine had rivaled the ever popular i-Vtec engine from Honda and the VVTI engine from Toyota.

What had made Mazda become one of the popular choices in our country after Toyota and Honda? First lets we look at the interior of the Mazda car. The interior of the Mazda car does not resemble any Japanese car maker as they had benchmarked their interior with the European car maker. Mazda interior is more like a Continental car than a Japanese car as the BMW i-Drive knob style controller come in the picture of the Mazda car interior and also the continental favourite items like the Head-Up Display, command control in the centre, separate portion for the headlight control and many more is all in the car and it is quite a different design from the Honda and Toyota.

With their Skyactive engine technologies, Mazda car had a high horsepower and torque that is usually missing in the Toyota and Honda. The excellent combination of the engine and transmission that shared the similar technologies, Mazda had made their engine so powerful that only be rivaled by their continental competitor Volkswagen and Ford in these price range.

With their collaboration with Ford, Mazda had effectively had some knowledge transfer from them as their car looks solid and stable. The G- Vectoring Control in CX-5 had effectively eliminated the body roll that usually associated with the SUV in this price range. With the combination of the Skyactive technologies and technologies to eliminate the body roll, Mazda again had created a niche for themselves to compete against their evergreen counterpart Honda and Toyota.

Like Toyota who had philosophies where it was called as the “The Toyota Way”, Honda with the philosophies “Machine Minimum, Man Maximum”, Mazda also had their own philosophy in making their car and that is called as Kodo Design. It means that the car is not only a tool for us to travel from Point A to Point B, but in this Kodo Design philosophies the car is also a partner that can be relied on and that can be inspiring. The Kodo Design philosophy had been created by Mazda car designer Ikuo Maeda. In the essence, the car is not only a metal but a living creature and another simple term the car and the drivers must be working together as one living entities. This design philosophy had totally created a unique design that seen in the current Mazda model. Mazda had successfully implemented this philosophy in their car and this had made them so successful in term of their car sales.

Ikuo Maeda the man behind the Kodo Design

Another unique thing about Mazda car, unlike their other Japanese competitor Mazda, does not have CVT transmission in the models instead it is using the torque converter in all their models. Most of the car lovers have a love-hate relationship with the CVT where some car lovers like it because it can save fuel and some car lovers absolutely hate CVT transmission because it does not have a gear shifting and provides a soulless drive. Mazda decision to not fixed the CVT transmission and prefer the torque converter contributed for the rising sales of their car in our country too. This had deviated from the traditional Japanese transmission and made themselves to look different from their Japanese counterpart hence creating an own unique style for them in the automobile market that also gives them a unique identity among all the Japanese carmaker that includes Toyota and Honda.

With their own philosophies, own engine and transmission, benchmarking their interior against their European counterpart, and abandoning the CVT altogether in their car model, Mazda had successfully created an own identity for themselves in the Malaysian markets. The sales of the car had been rising steadily and with a new Mazda 6 model introduced in this year expect more skyrocket sales for their car model in our country.

Mazda had successfully made themselves as one of the bestselling Japanese cars not only in our country but also in the world due to their unique philosophy and technology. As per mentioned they had created their own successful identity that had been failed to be emulated by the other car Japanese car maker like Subaru, Mitsubishi and in truth even Nissan (in our country only). For now, Mazda is one of the 3 most popular Japanese car makers in our country where previously it was only Toyota and Honda but with the hardworking and innovate philosophies, European style interior Mazda is sure will rise in future and maybe overtake Toyota and Honda as one of the bestselling Japanese car models in our country.




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