Maserati had been founded in Bologna, Italy by Alfieri Maserati an Italian automotive engineer on December 1, 1914. It is a premium Italy car that lived for a century since it had been founded. It is brand true to their tagline where luxury, sports and style combination make it premium and at the sometimes a car that can deliver a great performance. Maserati may have been founded in 1914, however, it is only had been made it mark in Malaysia starting from 2009 and thanks to the great effort of Naza Kia founder the late Tan Sri Sheikh Mohammad Nasimuddin Kamal bin Sheikh Mohamad Amin. With his tremendous effort and passion for the automobile especially luxury car, Maserati had become one of the car brands that is sold in Malaysia.

Tan Sri Sheikh Mohammad Nasimuddin Kamal bin Sheikh Mohamad Amin.

On Mac 13 2019, to celebrate the decade of Maserati in Malaysia, Naza Kia had decided to launch the Maserati SUV Levante Volcano special edition with only 10 unit available in Malaysia and 150 unit available worldwide. In a simple yet informative car launching ceremony, the car had been launched with the price tag of RM838,000 and with a 3-year warranty for the Malaysian market. Since it had been the special edition with less than 200 model sold worldwide and keeping in line with the Maserati tag of luxury, sports, and style, the Levante Volcano is a superbly designed car.

First, under the hood of the car, they are a V6 Engine that can deliver a staggering 430hp and with the peak torque of 580nm. The car also had 8 speed ZF automatic transmission combined with All Wheel Drive drivetrain with the Intelligent Q4, Standard Air Adaptive Suspension, and with the perfect weight distribution ratio of 50: 50, the SUV is made for a sporty and great stability drive. For the thing that will support the drivetrain that is none other than the tire, in these SUV they are the 21 Helios Alloy Wheel with the Matte Finishing, and beautifully made red caliper with the Maserati name on it. The tire size for these SUV is 295/35/ R21 made by Pirelli under their tire brand P ZERO. The car also had the Matrix LED Headlight the current trend in the headlight especially for the luxury car or special made car.

In the interior where the car lover will have the full pleasure of the car, it had the Sports Seat in Red Pine Fiore Leather Maserati premium leather seat with Black Stitching. Under the seat, they are the heat and ventilated seat for the front passenger and driver only. As a car brand that passionate about providing the sports experience, Maserati had provided the car lovers with the Sports Steering Wheel with Carbon Insert combined with the Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters. The red color not only can be seen in the seat but also in the center console with a dedicated “Vulcano” Badge. With a high and elevated center console, the car definitely will provide the sport feel that all the Maserati fans loved.

For the convenience of the car lovers, they are the 8.1 inch touchscreen display with Maserati Touch Control , and 17 speaker provided by Bower & Wilkins with midrange drive and rear woofers made from Kevlar that also had immersive sound with Quantum Logic, Surround Sound Technology, Clari- Fi music restoration function that is capable to restore details lost in the digitally compressed music, and had a 1280 watt amplifier. For the car lovers whom to get some cool air to escape from the ever-scorching hot sun in our country, they are 4 zone climate control air conditioners can provide the coolest air while driving and at some time escaping from the hot air in our country. For all the modern equipment in the interior, they are a classic touch in the form of the timepiece in the car dashboard.

When comes to the safety they are the basic safety like the airbags, VSC, and the ABD. But for the car that comes on these price the basic safety will not be sufficient and Maserati Levante Volcano not only have the basic but also Advanced Driver Assistance System ( ADAS) where they are the Lane Departure Warning , Forward Collison Warning with Mitigation System , Blind Spot Detection , Lane Keeping Assist, and Traffic Sign Recognition. For all the sports performance, great interior, powerful engine sound that Maserati is famed, and good convenience for the driver and passenger they are the important car safety and Maserati had the basic and the advanced system in these limited-edition cars.

Maserati car that started during the World War 1 in 1914 is still going strong until today is due to passion, continuous innovation, and making the car based on their tagline where the combination of sport, luxury, and style that represent the Italian style of car making. When Maserati had come to the Malaysian market in 2009, it is another opportunity for the Malaysian car lover to have their hand on the pride of the Italian car due to the founder of Naza Kia. In the Grand Levante Volcano, it can be said for now Maserati had one of the best cars in their rank and for sure most car lovers who had the financial abilities to buy this car will absolutely love the design and the performance of the car.

In the simple term, Maserati Levante Volcano is the cream of the crop in the Maserati as it had the best combination of the exterior and interior design, great performance under the hood, and excellent safety.

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