In this world, many of us need a job to earn money, which is essential for survival, providing a comfortable life for our family, having an enormous bank account that can give unlimited buying power, and many more. Previously, the working task would be assigned within the perimeter of the office cubicle within a specific timeframe, whether it is shift work or office hours. In the current trend, however, there are some changes as the traditional cubicle work was considered archaic as work from home, freelance, online job, and many more. They are some strong proponents of this type of working style.

No matter what type of work they are doing, they are someone in the job that can be an expert in that task. The task can be designing, maintaining records, recruitment, programming, video editing, and more. They will be some who would have a  high level of experience and mastery in their respected task. This type of person will be the golden boy in their respective organization and clearly will be someone who is handsomely compensated.  

In the automotive industry, the one individual who has earned this privilege is Mark Court. His job is to make the pinstripe paint on the Rolls Royce, the ultra-luxury car that had become the dream car or most in-demand car by those with the earning ability to own it. He is the only one tasked to make the pinstripe paint for Rolls Royce.

His job task was the final stage of the production for Rolls Royce before it was launched to the public. Mark’s court artistry has been taught to be impeccable, which makes BMW confidently assign these vital tasks to him only. Mark court is extremely dedicated to his task, and he said that he abhors the weekend as it will disrupt his momentum, and he needs to refocus after the weekends.

Due to his exceptional craftmanship, he will sometimes be flown out to customer places no matter where it is to make the customizations pinstripe painting job. These had happened to him as he had shared his experience with the viewers. Mark Court had been a master on his task and was well paid; nonetheless, one issue that is generally common in any organization for someone with a high level of mastery in the task had arisen. Who will replace Mark Court once he is physically or mentally unable to work anymore?

The task that had become the embodiment of the Mark Court that need some meticulous artistry. Since Rolls Royce can be customized according to their preference, the task can be easier or harder depending on the customer’s request. Finding a replacement for Mark Court is a complicated job as the person replacing him may not have the same artistry as him. Honestly, to emulate Mark Court is an impossible task as he has accomplished a significant level of mastery for the pinstripe painting for the ultimate luxury car, Rolls Royce.

The two apprentices that Rolls Royce hired to assist Mark had been dropped or quit. One of his kin also dropped as he decided to work in Rolls Royce wood shop. His other son, Ashley, had been an apprentice in the Rolls Royce plant in Greenwood, England. Everyone from Mark and Rolls Royce has a high hope that Ashley can take over his job.

The individual who has achieved a high level of mastery of their task is an exceptional employee in any organization. These individuals, generally, as mentioned before, will be highly paid by the organization as an appreciation for them. If this individual is not handsomely paid according to their expectations, they can move on to another organization. Mark Court had been with Rolls Royce as he was earning a six-figure salary with them.

Compensating these individuals according to their mastery and expectation is one thing; another issue that can arise is finding a replacement for these individuals. Mark Court is making exceptional artistry on the world famed Rolls Royce, which is the epitome of luxury with ultimate perfection; thus, the person replacing him must be somehow parallel with the Rolls Royce excellence with perfection. Failure to find an adequate replacement can negatively affect the Rolls Royce moto and principle.

Mark Court is doing his task with some level of artistry, and anyone replacing him will have an arduous task ahead of them. For now, Mark Court is one of the employees of an organization that have an exceptional mastery of his task parallel with the Rolls Royce excellent with perfection motto and principle.







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