A spare part is a replaceable part that is used to replace the faulty part or replacing as a part of the maintenance procedure. The spare part is a vital part for the car as failure to replace it on time can aggravate the car performance and the loss in the expenditure for the car lovers due to this. In another depends on the car models, it can cause an enormous amount of money to replace the faulty spare parts hence as the preventative maintenance, changing tires, maintaining the alignment and balancing for the car, replacing the faulty spare parts also is a crucial aspect of owning a car either for adding some additional qualities or just replacing only. Writing about the spare parts, they are many types of spare parts that are available for maintaining the car.

Genuine original equipment parts

In shorts, this is called the OEM where it is the original parts that are fitted to the car by the third party or by the car manufacturer itself. For example, Ford and Mazda OEM are sold by the Motorcraft and their car will be fitted with their parts only.

Motorcraft is the FORD OEM

Replacement parts or aftermarket

This type of spare part will be manufactured by the aftermarket companies that manufacture by studying the design flow of the original parts and make the spare part work more efficiently. Some automobile lovers liked to fix their aftermarkets than the OEM as it can be cheaper and provide more qualities than the OEM subject to the car model.

Remanufactured parts

This is when the part will be broken down and only the faulty component will be replaced example the if car the engine had been failed then the engine will be broken down and only the broken part will be replaced.

Reconditioned parts

Like the manufacturer parts, it also involved stripping down the car’s major parts but instead, the broken parts will be replaced with used parts.

Since they are many types of spare parts, they are also many ways for automobile lovers to get the car fixed with the necessary spare parts

From the service center

The spare part of the car can be fixed in the service center and usually, it will be the original equipment manufacturer parts hence the genuine of the part is expected to be impeccable but the price of the part can be on the higher side. However if the car is still under warranties, then the automobile lovers can get it for free of charges however this also can be time-consuming as the warranty claim process can tedious and long.

From the scrap cars

They are some who prefer to buy the car spare part from scrap cars but the genuine of the part can’t be proven and they have high chances that the part is not genuine and adding another second-hand part can give some enormous problem for the car as it will not durable for a long time. This is not the option that will be taken by many automobile lovers as the genuine, and durability can be under scrutiny even though the price will be on the lower side.

From the non-service center mechanics

Another way of getting spare parts is from a non-service center mechanic or the car lovers can buy the required spare parts in the spare parts shop and can request the non-service center mechanic to fix the spare parts. This will give a variance of choices for the car lovers as they can choose the spare parts that they will put in the car as some car lovers have their own preferred choice of a brand with regards to the spare parts. Depending on the quality of the brand, the price can be on the higher side or lower side compared to the OEM.

From online store

With the increase of online transactions, the spare parts also can be bought from an online store such as Lazada or Shoppe and the parts can be delivered to the car lovers resident or office. This online transaction of buying spare parts had been a popular choice among automobile lovers as this can be completed on the go and while in their resident. However, the genuine of parts can be questioned if it not from the authorized or trusted seller in the online store.

Although the many ways for automobile lovers to buy and fixed spare parts when comes to spare parts the important things are durability and the qualities. The automobile lovers will not hesitate to pay high money if they knew the product is not infamy. In the beginning, the automobile will proceed to the service center to change the spare parts as they do not want the warranties of the car affected. Once the warranties had been expired, some automobiles will continue in the service center or proceed to an outside trusted mechanic on fixing the spare parts. Although the OEM spare parts fixed in the service center are on the higher side, the warranties of the car will be kept intact and this is an important advantage.

Human emotion and the way they express it can vary from one human to another and similarly the decision-making on buying the spare parts also can vary for everyone. The preference and the choice for the car lovers to buy will be solely on them or based on the advice from others. The fact remains that the car lovers willing to pay a high price when they had found the right and reliable parts no matter in which sources, they had acquired the spare parts. The spare parts of the car can vary from the engine components, suspension, braking equipment, lower arms, mirror, and others and the variance of the automobile lovers have choices to get the spare parts is a great thing. With the online store that can deliver the parts right to automobile lover residents, the proportion of choice to get the spare parts had been increased and this is a good thing.

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