Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammed had resigned from Proton as a chairman. The Ministers meanwhile lambasting people saying that the people who are not buying Malaysian Car are not patriotic, Proton does not need protection and much more. As you all know Proton is the brainchild of Dr. Mahathir in the 1980s with the launch of Proton Saga the first Malaysian Car with collaboration with the Mitsubishi Motors. Then come Perodua in the early ’90s to give competition to Proton but with no government protection like Proton.

With this launch of Proton and Perodua, Malaysia is the first country in the South East Asia region to have its own made car. Today we will like at 5 pros and cons of Malaysian Car.

We will start with 5 pros.

Sense of Pride and Patriotism

For some that had bought or using Proton and Perodua, they are a sense of pride or patriotism as this is Malaysia Made car. The joy of using country own made car will increase the sense of patriotism for the driver especially in the event of National Day or Independence Day where they can decorate the car with Malaysia Flag.

Still Cheaper Compare to Foreign Cars

Malaysian Car no matter how expensive the maintenance is and the spare parts, it is still cheaper than the Japanese or Continental Car. The spare part of  Proton and Perodua is easily accessible in our country. As all, you know the Malaysian Car spare parts and maintenance is far cheaper and they is no vendor lock-in Malaysian Car.

Cheaper Road Tax and Insurance Premium

The road tax for Malaysia, especially Proton and Perodua, is extremely cheap too if compared with the foreign car where the Malaysian car is also available at in lowest as 1.3 cc until 1.8cc. This will cost the user less in terms of yearly road tax payment and the insurance premium as it may cost them less than RM1000k. The little 1.3cc is more than adequate to daily commuting in our country usage.

Starting Point for every one

For some of us before moving to a foreign car, the starting car will be Proton or Perodua. The memory of riding the first car for most of us will always be Proton or Perodua unless if someone is born with a silver spoon and unfortunately not most of us like that. It is still the first car that many of us will want to buy and, on our roads, they are more Proton and Perodua than foreign cars.

Several Awards Received

The Proton and Perodua had received several awards where they had received the Frost and Sullivan Awards 2016 and for more awards and accolade received by Proton please proceed to check on this link is also can make a selling point and a sense of pride for someone who wants to buy or currently using this car.

As usual for all the pros they will be cons. Below 5 cons of the Malaysian Car.

Misleading Pride and Patriotism

The sense of pride and patriotism will only work if the product had that much quality. Unfortunately, in the case of Proton and Perodua, they had some of the worst reputations in terms of body design, safety, and rip off the interior from the foreign cars. Even in the foreign country review such as Top Gear, this car had been criticized due to a low-quality body.

Bad Reputation for Safety

The Malaysian car had one of the worst reputations for safety. The list will be bad body design, unsafe interior design, and also safety aspect that is so low for the car manufacturer that had been in the product for so long. This is one of the reasons where Malaysian is still unable to penetrate the US market that has a rigid requirement in term of safety to the drivers.

Cheaper Due to Protection

The car looks cheaper where it is not. The protection given by the Malaysian car makes the government increase the tax and duty for the foreign car to more than 100 percent make some of the car prices in our region exorbitant. This will make Malaysiasn to be forced to choose the Malaysian car that is still low compared to high price-quality foreign cars. This will take out the element of choice and option for the user and potential buyers.

Unresolved Problem

Malaysian car still has some unresolved like the famous power window problem which is still not resolved. And also some of the new car owners have some issues with the radiator, engines, and interior which make them go back and forth to the service center but still the problem is unable to be resolved.

Design from Other Brand

The design of Proton and Perodua is not their design. It rips off of a foreign car. For example, Proton Persona is rip off a Ford car. The Perodua Viva is a rip off of Daihatsu Mira. Proton and Perodua had been this industry for so long to make a rip off of another car. If compared to other car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedez Benz, Toyota, and Honda that have their design. And even the current Proton Perdana is can’t be said for an own design as it is a Honda Accord 8th generation.

As you can see for all the pros and cons the Malaysian Car will still be more on our roads compared to foreign cars due to this. Unfortunately, they are some unresolved problem with our cars but gave credit to Proton and Perodua as they had admitted their mistake and had improved the car a lot compared to their Milo Tin era.

How far they will go to improve their cars is only a matter of time. Proton needs back someone like Dato Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohd Tahir who has worked as CEO in Proton from 2006 – 2012 after resigning from his position in Perodua. His time is the best for Proton as he had increased the sales of Proton during this time. He also had received the Automobiles Person of the Year from New Straits Times and Maybank in 2008. The best part he had never been involved in any nonsense during his time in Proton. So if Proton can bring someone as good as him or better than him then Proton may survive again based on the sales and not on government protection.

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