We had seen they are several types of traffic congestion in our countries. Whatever the type of the traffic congestion is the effect is still the same as it will delay our travel to the destination, lead to higher fuel consumption and also increase the stress load for us. For some reader who had missed it, you can proceed to check on this link http://www.carblogmy.com/type-of-traffic-jam-in-malaysia/ for the type of traffic jam in our country.

For today we will see the different type of drivers. All these drivers have their own characteristic either to be a nuisance or to be an example for the other drivers. Since they are a different type of car they are also a different type of drivers and we will see most of them today. Let we start now.


For some drivers what had been given to them by the car manufacturer will not satisfy them and they want more to satisfy their needs hence they willing to spend a big amount of money to modify the car. They are some who dislike the car tire size and will change to bigger size, changing the sports rim as they preferred, installing the high-tech audio system to satisfy their sound needs, modifying the interior of the car, also changing the alarm system and much more. Although they are several pros and cons of modifying the car still some of them like to use it.


Some whom had bought a new car or any famous brand will like to boast that their car is the best compare to other cars. This can happen with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Audi car lovers whom will boast saying that their car is the best to the extent they willing to hide the car weakness and highlight only the strength. Although some will make this a sense of humor this booster will not acknowledge other car capabilities.


For some drivers their car is like their girlfriend or wife’s and this type of drivers have their advantages where they will take care of their car well and never let any dirt, scratches and any damages to the car and if they had encountered this situation they will do it in soonest and will not hesitate to spend some big buck to resolve this. They can set a good example to other to take care of their cars and some will not hesitate to share their knowledge on how to make the car better.


Had you encountered drivers whom just cornering without waiting in the junction or just enter your lane in the highway without any signal? If yes, then this type of driver falls in this category. They do not have the what we called as teamwork and in this case, we can say they had no respect to the other driver’s concern and welfare. They will drive their car like a phantom and will think about themselves only and in most of the cases, their action can lead to disaster for them and the other drivers also.


This is the type of driver whom we can call as road bully. These drivers will be violent and will cause harm to the other even when there on the wrong side. These type drivers that become famous in the social media and also led to many of them installed the camera in the car. This type of driver is one of the most dangerous and any drivers must be careful with them as they will not hesitate to raise the voices, using derogatory words, and doing some damages to the car and drivers.


This type will buy a car but will never use often the car hence the car just will be in the store or the parking of their house. They will not use often and in some case will never use at all and for this type when they use the car and the car had been towed they will just let the car in towing center. One good news this type of driver is rare and not 1 percent fall in the category as many of us will use the car to travel from the point A to point B.


This type will dislike the speed limit and will not be feared by the AES camera and will like to speed the car above the highway limit. This type of drivers has one quote and that is “Rule are to be Broken” and not to be followed. No matter how many summonses they received they will not change their style as the prefer to follow their own rule. But some drivers will break the rule when they are in a rush and have some genuine emergency case. So not all the driver falls in the category is bad.


Many of us will have encountered where the car had been blocked by some nuisance car parker and even when we honked the horn the driver is nowhere to be seen and the worst when the nuisance driver come they are no apologies from these drivers. In some case, the driver will use the 2 parking slot as 1 slot just to park their car. This type of driver led to the creation of the Facebook page such like “STUPID PARKING IDIOT”, “YOU PARK LIKE AN A**HOLE “,” IDIOTS IN MALAYSIAN ROAD “and much more where their car picture will be uploaded to the Facebook. This type driver is the one whom can create a nuisance or discomfort for us, especially if where are in a hurry.

asshole parking.jpg
Type of Parking Like the Own the Road

For the one that set an example we are fortunate to meet them but for the one who is a nuisance, we not that unfortunate to meet them. Nowadays with the smartphone and social media when the drivers had met with some of the nuisance drivers they will take the drivers picture or their cars and uploaded in the social media to make that fella famous in a bad way.

Do you encountered any of the types of the driver or did miss anyone? Please give me your thought on the comment on this site, or proceed to comment in my Car Blogger Facebook page. Any feedback or suggestion will be appreciated. As usual thanks for support readers and have a nice weekend and movie lovers enjoy the Superstar Rajinikanth Kaballi movie.

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