Volvo had a philosophy of making the car safer as it will be driven by human and Volvo had made a target that by 2020 that they will be no casualties for those whom using the Volvo car. Such is their principle of producing the car that they’re not only producing a car that performing at the optimum level but also safe and this is one of the reasons on why Volvo is the pioneer when comes to car safety.  Similarly, Honda too had a philosophy of making a car that based on the principle of Machine Minimum Man Maximum. Why am I talking about Volvo and Honda in term of their philosophy of making a car? The reason for the continuous innovation of the car especially for the safety, the car is quickly becoming opposite of Honda philosophy and instead becoming Machine Maximum Man Minimum.

In the aviation industry, the pilot will ride their plane in an autopilot and checking on intrusion and at some time communicating with the air traffic controller for any information, flight details, landing, taking off, and declaring an emergency. Like the passenger aircraft, the car also becoming more and more machine dependent or computer dependent than the touch of the human behind it.

Starting from the transmission where now most of the car has an automatic transmission with had the advantage of more forward moving gear and making the shifting of the gear supremely fast. With the innovation of the automatic transmission, the transmission maker is moving to make a double-digit forward moving gear in a sedan and Honda Accord 2018 that had been launched in the US had become the first car in the world that had the double-digit forward moving transmission in the world where the car has 10-speed automatic transmission. However, this had taken the thrill and exhilarating feeling that the driver has when they are using the traditional and soon will defunct manual transmission where the shifting it depends on the driver and not on the computer.

Honda Accord 2018

Currently, the automatic transmission had become the norm for the modern-day car. Although the automatic transmission can be accepted to provide more comfort and convenience for the car lovers as they do not need to shift the gear often and letting the car ECU doing the job but when comes to the safety this is the part where the computer system is slowly taking over the human intervention on the car. Once the car safety features mean that the car had impact absorbing body, airbags, ABS, EBD, and VSC but now they are more so-called advanced safety features in the car.

Technologies like the Lane Departure Warning, Autonomous Braking System, Cruise Control with Collision Prevention, and many other had been the features in the modern-day car which is usually will be included in the higher variant of the car model. The car manufacturer will have a specific name for the combination of the advanced safety features like Honda will like to call it as Honda Sensing, Toyota as Toyota Safety Sense, Mazda as I – Active Sense and other names depending on the car manufacturer.

These technologies are far advanced in the safety features of the car but however, it also taking away the human intervention is making the car safer and giving the job to the machine or computer in the car. Some instances these safety features can be annoying where the Lane Departure Warning system will alert the car lovers if they had moved accidentally to another lane without any signal, the Autonomous Braking System can be a shock for the car lovers as they car will break on its own even though they are no hurdles in front of the car and the car lovers have a full control on its car.

However, these safety features had some human intervention, the next big innovation of the car was called as the drive of the future is the autonomous driving system which will expect to hit sooner or later. Some states like Florida in the United States had makes a law for the car manufacturer to make an autonomous car in these states by the end of 2019. Once it had become a norm, the machine will fully take over the car and they will no more human intervention while driving the car. Some non-car manufacture like Google and Apple had tried to create a car that had no steering wheel however this had created quite an opposition especially from the transportation agency in the United States. The car-sharing service like Uber had already made an autonomous driving Uber car in the Dubai.

Speaking of all these technologies which make the opposite of Honda philosophy, we need to go back to the aviation industries. The passenger aircraft even though had some advanced features like the autopilot and TCAS where it means the Traffic Collision Assistant System, the pilot still goes through some rigorous training in every situation possible in the flight simulation and the reason is to ensure that if any of the systems go wrong the pilot is more than capable to handle the situation.

Even though the car accident statistics always have the human error as the main course instead of the faulty computer or equipment but to take all the control form the human to the machine is still not acceptable for some of the car lovers whom still prefer their hand on the car to get a personalized experience which their car. Driving with the car that had less or no human intervention will not provide a great experience for the car lovers and due to this some car manufacture like Volvo and Mercedes Benz had created a car with an option of fully autonomous, semi-autonomous and none. This system is far better as it still gave the human the choice on their driving journey and not giving the machine the absolute power especially in the country where they are bad traffic system like India.

In term of safety, however, the machine intervention can be said important as the human intervention may not be able to react quicker depending on the situation and in this case the machine will be able to do a job to make the car lovers, occupants and the car safer.



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