The automobile industries had introduced many types of design for their cars, such as the SUV sedan, MPV, van crossover, sports car, hybrid and electric vehicle. They are many types of the tire such as comfort, UHP, low rolling resistance, summer, winter, and all-season. In this regards, the automobiles industries also had introduced many types of transmission from the archaic manual transmission, automatic transmission, dual-clutch transmission, and finally, the transmission in the article today, the CVT transmission. CVT is the abbreviation of the Continuous Variable Transmission that commonly used in a Japanese car.

From Toyota to Subaru, excluding Mazda, the CVT transmission is a prerequisite for all the Japanese from the mid-entry model to the flagship models. In the continental vehicle, it usually the dual-clutch transmission or the archaic torque converter transmission. It is contradictory with the Japanese car. Like the dual-clutch transmission, which can attract likes and criticism, the CVT transmission falls into these categories.

Japanese automobile manufacturer like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, excluding Mazda, have the CVT transmission for their model for many years. They had impeccably built the CVT transmission, making them one the best CVT transmission; furthermore, they made tremendous effort to continuously improve the transmission with assiduously precision.

The CVT transmission can create a unique emotion among automobile lovers. The CVT can have many fans due to efficacy and also many aversions because of its characteristics. Unlike other transmissions, including the old manual transmission, CVT transmission can be considered the unorthodox car transmission in the automobile as it eliminates the gear shifting. Due to this design quality, it had many pros and cons.

Now the pro of the CVT transmission that makes is a common thing in the Japanese car, which by the way had created a near-flawless CVT transmission.

Fuel efficient transmission

Due to the unorthodox style design, which eliminates the grey shifting, the CVT will keep the engine running at an optimal speed, translating to not a very high tachometer reading. These will contribute to outstanding fuel efficiency. It is considering a great advantage, especially with the current fluctuating fuel price, to get a car that contributes to an excellent fuel efficacy drive.

Making the engine at an optimal speed

Again the unorthodox design of the CVT led to the optimal performance of the car engine. These always contribute vastly to the car giving a good performance in a particular situation like passing other vehicles. The elimination of the gear shifting makes optimal performance for the engine possible, contributing to the sufficed and adequate performance for the car without feeling underpowered.

Silky smooth

The car built with the CVT transmission has one characteristic that epitomes these transmissions as they will provide a silky-smooth ride. When the vehicle runs at an optimal speed and does not have the usual gear shifting, it will give a silky smooth, sometimes nonchalant drive known in Japanese car as most Japanese cars have the CVT transmission.

Like every car part, the CVT also had its cons and limitation, creating an aversion among automobile lovers.

Highly sensitive

The CVT transmission may have a more straightforward gearbox constricted but highly sensitive. Unlike the standard transmission that the automobile mechanics can check, an authorized service centre is the best option to maintain the CVT transmission. Any failure in the transmission check and any mishap can lead to the colossal damage to the transmission.

Create aversion due to elimination of gear

Although it does not provide any baleful effect to the car, the elimination of the gear shifting does erase the feeling of excitement in driving with the vehicle that had the old-fashioned gear shifting. The traversing of the speedometer back and forth while driving does provide the automobile lovers with a sense joyous when driving, which is contradictory in the CVT transmission. Understandably due to the no genuine gear shifting in the car, the automobile lovers may feel their car is underpowered.

It not for the performance

The vigorous improvement on the CVT transmission is still not a suitable transmission for the car built for high performance or provides an exhilarating ride. The design nature of the CVT transmission is the one that hindering it from being suitable transmission for a high-performance car.

The CVT transmission does not have many variations in its build according to the car manufacturer design. It is not hyperbole to said that the CVT could be the epitome of the Japanese car, excluding the sports car, as the CVT transmission is not suitable for the high-performance vehicle. The CVT transmission in the Japanese vehicle was recognized as impeccable, making them the best CVT transmission in the world.

Although the CVT transmission does not support the high-performance environment, it also creates an aversion for the automobile lovers due to the elimination of the gear shift, which makes the performance and automobile lovers having a contradictory experience while driving the car. Still, the CVT transmission will have an improved version in the present and continuous innovation for them in the future when it comes to optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

In recent times, correlate with their continuous improvement on the CVT transmission, Toyota had created an assimilation type transmission that combines the dual-clutch and CVT, and Toyota had patented it. Not being left in the scene, Honda had patented their ten-speed automatic transmission with three clutches. These transmissions for Honda had been available in the Honda Accord that is available in the US markets. The CVT may not have a gratifying effect like the dual-clutch transmission when it comes to exhilarating performance. Still, the Japanese automobile’s continuous effort to create a better CVT transmission will lead to a CVT transmission used for the high-performance car in the future. With their constant work in this transmission, Honda and Toyota will pioneer these breakthroughs in CVT transmission. The CVT transmission will be available in the automobile and will create a polarizing opinion among automobile lovers on the pros and cons. The fuel-efficient will be the high point in these transmissions; the non-existent natural gear shifting will be the aversion point for these transmissions.

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