When it comes to the engine oil in the previous year, the most common choice will be Castrol, Shell, Toyota, Honda, Valvoline, Motul and many more. In terms of viscosity, the engine oil brand choices, even in some brand, had created a group of automobile lovers. Some automobile lovers become loyal users of a particular brand, another group who wants to try different engine oil. Some are not concerned about the brand for as long as the engine oil kept the engine intact.

In contemporary times, they are one engine oil brand that slowly became the popular choices among automobile lovers. In the automobile industries, the slogan “Made in German” had become the epitome of the brand that is associated with high quality, and the Liqui Molly engine oil brand is the one that had gained a foothold among automobile lovers recently.

What is unique about the Liqui Molly engine oil brand? It is a profound statement that Liqui Molly engine oil had the most additive among all the engine oil. For every part of the engine, they are addictive, from the Cera Tec, Engine Flush Cleaner, Fluid Injection Cleaner, and many more. Even for the transmission, brake, and air conditioner, they have a high proportion of additive in their product.

What is the Liqui Molly history? Liqui Moly GmbH was founded in 1957 in Ulm on the river Danube. The patent for the production of molybdenum disulfide formed the basis for the company. This additive based on liquified molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) was the company’s first product and gave the company the now famed Liqui Molly name. ┬áMolybdenum sulfide, the primary ingredient of the Liqui Moly Oil additive, was discovered in the shops of the US Army in post-war Germany.

These shops sold a can under the brand name Liqui Moly that contained the liquified form of the solid lubricant molybdenum sulfide (MoS2). When added to motor oil, this substance ensures emergency running characteristics in a sudden loss of oil. Fighter pilots in World War One had already exploited this property, adding MoS2 to the motor oil in the aircraft engines, which enables the pilot to land the plane even the oil tank had taken a hit.

Liqui Moly’s main product is motor oil with MoS2, but the end-user adds other lubricants with MoS2 and the additive MoS2 during oil changes. Molybdenum disulfide enhances the lubrication quality of the oil and offers emergency operating features under harsh conditions. It also can be added to motor oils and non-motor oils, including gear oil, transmission oil or differentials oils.

An entire range was developed from this additive, with over 4,000 products, including engine and gear oils, additives and vehicle care products, workshop equipment, and service products.[6] In Germany, Liqui Moly is one of the leading producers of engine oils. Germany remains the central marketplace, but international demands are increasing. Liqui Molly engine oil brand with their additive had become a global product with their product is in 120 countries including Malaysia.

The Liqui Molly that had seen its creation during wartime in Germany had survived and became the main product for engine oil. They are OEM engine oil supplies for most of the German like BMW, Mercedez Benz and Audi. They lived up to their tag of Made in German, which is associated with a high-quality product with impeccable finishing touches.

Unlike other engine oil brands, automobile lovers can purchase Liqui Molly engine oil and its additive directly from their official online store. The official online store of Liqui Molly is these link where the automobile can purchase their preferred engine oil and additive.

To find which are their official partner in Malaysia, please proceed to the link below.

To counter the threat to alteration and fake engine oil that can damage their reputation, Liqui Molly also had published a guide for automobile lovers on detecting the authenticity of their engine oil.

It recommended buying the Liqui Molly engine oil from the official store and their official service partner to avoid any mishap of purchasing a non-genuine engine oil. The Liqui Molly engine oil may be the new engine oil brand in our country, but it had become a popular choice among automobile lovers. If they are any consensus, the Liqui Molly may be in the top 10 list of the automobile preferred engine oil brand.

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