The car manufacturer on their luxury or ultra-luxury model had pondered and introduced some world first in the car like the BMW Display key, laser headlight, Smart key entrance, Honda Lane Watch and many more. The leather correlates with the upgraded performance, and also, the well-crafted interior is the epitome of luxury cars. In a non-luxury vehicle, the car seat will be a combination of leather and fabric. The semi-aniline leather, aniline leather, and finally pigmented leather seat are the standard type of leather seat fixed in these cars. Each had its benefits and limitations

The leather seat had become a norm or prerequisite for the premium and ultra-luxury car. The leather is, unfortunately, made from animal rawhide and skin. The animal needs to be killed for the skin to be tanned. This method led to heavy criticism and elicited some angry reaction from the animal lovers and PETA, who claimed that this was unethical. Until someone found an ethical way to produce leather, this is the method to get the leather, and this method will continue to elicit some vehement protest from animal lovers.

Before leather comes into the automobile scene, cloth upholstery is considered a luxury. Under the late Henry Ford, the Ford Model T had become the pioneer of the leather seat and what makes it more fascinating about the leather in these cars because the car price considered being on the lower side. Henry Ford, Ford founder, had installed the leather as it is more durable and able to withstand sunlight, rainy day, and snow.

As the luxury or ultra-luxury model’s necessary item, what are the pros and cons of the leather in the car? And we will look at the cons first before we look at the pros.


Leather is hot as hell

Like most car component they are some cons too. The leather seats can be hot and very hot during the sunny day as leather absorbs the hot sun, making it more undesirable during the sunny day. These can lead to inconvenience for automobile lovers while in the car. Why the leather seat has this characteristic? As mentioned, leather is not heated repellent. It absorbs the heat; hence it is more reactive to the heat.

Leather is high maintenance

The leather seat is easy to clean; however, it is not easy to maintain. The leather seat is prone to crack and harden if not kept adequately. In this type of situation, the repair can be more complicated or nearly impossible; hence, the automobile lovers need to replace the seat, costly.

The leather seat is on the higher side when it comes to prices.

Why is the leather seat standard on the premium and ultra-luxury car? The cost of the leather seat is on the higher side; hence, the leather seat not commonly used in most of the vehicle. For specific models, the leather seat will be for the high variant and the low variant. It will be a fabric seat, and it is usually the combination of leather and fabric for the middle.

Since we looked at the cons, now we can look at the pros of making a leather seat in the car associated with luxury or ultra-luxury.

Leather gave luxury looks and gave the pleasant smell

The leather has a smooth texture even when viewed from the outside of the car. It gave the car a luxury looks that correlate with the car prices and categories. The leather also has a pleasant aroma which can be associated with luxury. Although this aroma is usually from the chemical used, this does not hinder the fact that the leather does provide an added luxury look for the car interior.

Leather is super comfy

For the automobile owners sitting in the leather seats, it provides an incredible comfort seating experience. These will ensure that the automobile owners had an overall all-rounder experience in the driving performance and seating for the driver and passengers. The luxury car is known to have a perfect combination of outstanding performance and classy; the comfy interior makes automobile lovers purchase luxury cars in the first place.

Leather gave the clean and flawless looks

The leather also provides a clean and flawless look in the car interior. For the automobile model with leather seats, it does offer a perfect look when on display or while owning the car; hence, this is one reason why most luxury carmakers prefer leather seats in their car.

As the leather seat, the sources are from the animal hide, where the animal needs to killed to extract the leather from them. These methods had vehemently slaughtered by vegan, animal lovers and PETA to be cruel and inhumane. The condition which the animal lovers claimed is inhospitable based on the secret footage by the PETA or animal lover’s association. These also become a stumbling block for the animal lovers to have the leather seat car as it contradicts their ethics and principle.

Due to this, TESLA Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and some other leather designer had unanimously declared to make a vegan free leather seat for their car. These were a celebration for animal lovers as they had achieved some colossal win when it comes to animal cruelty in leather making. The future leather in the car can wear vegan leather and not extracted from the animal anymore as it had studies that this type of leather is lighter and far durable than conventional. In the future, vegan leather may be the norm. The cruelty that unleashed on the animal and the leather extracted from an animal can be archaic in the future.

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