A damaged vehicle is seen at the scene of an incident on Flinders Street, in Melbourne, Thursday, December 21, 2017. Police have arrested a driver after a car drove into pedestrians on a sidewalk in central Melbourne. (Joe Castro/AAP Image via AP)

Once in our country, they are many shooting cases happen when the victim is killed in the car. The modus operandi is always the some, the victim will stop the car in the traffic light or parking, the shooter will come and hits several bullets to the victim that is seating in the car and the murder or massacre will end in just split second. Another incident that happens in our country in Johor Bahru that had sent a wave of horror and sympathy where a victim had been beaten down before he was rammed with the car by the assailant and this incident had been viral due to smartphone technologies in the current era.

The modus operandi is a bit like the Mexico Drug Cartel where most of the time the victim will be gunned down while he is in the car. Some can be successful assassination but some can be disastrous as any miscalculation can turn into nightmare as happen in the 90’s when the famous Mexico Drug Cartel Tijuana Cartel had gunned down the bishop of Mexico which they had thought it was their arch enemy El Chapo Guzman and it had made a widespread hatred to cartel that had forced the Mexican police to increase their operation on their cartel and the end results in the cartel head or Chapo as they liked to call in Mexico had been gunned down by the policemen. Not only that some of the brutal murder or massacre can happen while the victim in the vehicle. In our country, this massacre or assassination happen due to vengeance, and money laundering matters.

The murdered bishop Cardinal Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo in 1991

They are some situation or cases where the assailant wants a vengeance and some justice according to the assailant thinking and situation. This is what happens in the Philippines where a disgruntled police officer Rolando Mendoza had taken the Hong Kong tourists as a hostage in an express bus in an incident that had been called as Manila Hostage Crisis. After prolonged and unsuccessful negotiation, the assailant had run amok and gunned some passenger before he too was shot down by the Philippines Special Force. In another incident during the Sri Lankan civil war between the LTTE and Sri Lanka government, the LTTE will use any vehicle that is planted with a bomb and rammed into a building or any person to kill the person or destroy the building.

Manila Hostage Crisis. The Philippines special force had successfully stormed in the bus to stop the hijack

Some of the car bombings are to make a statement or to give warning as happened in the paradise in the earth Kashmir wherein 2001 where an attack in Legislate assembly with a Tata Sumo leading with explosive, ramming the gate had killed 38 people in this incident. The driver too had been perished in this incident as he is the suicide bomber

Similarly, in another incident that led an outrage of the world is the attack on the Basle where the assailant had driven a truck and without any mercy rammed over 87 people and injuring nearly 500 people before the driver was shot down by the police. In another incident in the March 2017, at the Westminster Bridge in London where a 52 years old driver had driven a Hyundai Tuscon and rammed around 50 people before he fatally stabs policemen only to be shot down by the police.

The car had been designed to travel from Point A to Point but like knives where if the knife in the hand of good chef he can make a good dish out of it and if the knives in the hand of an evil and corrupted mind it can be used to kill anyone and that is some situation with the car too. Similarly, to the passenger aircraft where it had made human to fly and gained some great success on it however it too had become a tool for a wrong or corrupt minded person to make a disaster like the 9/11 Twin Tower bombing incident, the mid-air explosion of the Air India and the now-defunct Pan Am flight. Pablo Escobar the notorious drug cartel that ruled Colombia in 90’s also had planted a bomb in a flight where his original intention is to assassinate the Colombian Presidential candidate César Augusto Gaviria Trujillo. However, the good thing about this incident is that airlines had become safer with some strict rules implemented due to this incident.

In the land vehicle, however, they are no such rules implemented as many of the corrupted mind or evil mind still can the vehicle as a tool to destroy anyone or anything or making a statement to the higher ranked or in some cases to a country. Human civilization had made many achievements since the first man had landed his feet on this earth but unfortunately, we also had created many weapons to destroy or to kill someone. When the atom bomb had been detonated in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the World War 2, Albert Einstein the creator of the bomb had regretted deeply on why he had created this monster.

Similarly, the car or any land vehicle had been used to make some disaster to innocent lives, however, the car manufacturer does not have some regret as Albert Einstein as the evil intention destruction scale is not an as big the atom bomb, however, the results also end with the loss of life. The car where the intention is to enable us to travel comfortably and gave us the freedom of choice but in the mind of the evil mind, it can be a tool for destruction or used to murder someone.

Unlike in the airline’s industries, they are no strict rules implemented but if most of them start using the car to make some destruction then sooner or later they will be some strict rules implemented which can be a good thing or an annoying thing for some.



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