I have replaced my OEM absorber with the Kayaba Excel G for my Honda HRV. For the Kayaba Excel G, I have written a review on the absorber’s performance. The Kayaba Excel G is more of a performance restoration absorber which I had chosen because of my impaired OEM absorbers.  Since I had used Kayaba Excel G for a couple of months, I had decided to make another absorber change. The absorber that I want to replace is more of a performance enhancer, and the choice has been cut down to 2; one is Tein Endura Pro Plus, and another is Kayaba New SR. Tein is more of an adjustable absorber that can adjust the ride, while Kayaba New SR is a premium non-adjustable absorber that promises to enhance the ride. Due to my good experience with Kayaba Excel G, which can be considered economical absorbers, I decided the Kayaba New SR Special would be my next absorbers.

Sadly, Tein absorber is easily available in many shops while New SR is not. Some shops had mentioned that they needed to make a pre-order, and I needed to wait for nearly 3 or 4 months. Luckily, I found a Kayaba spare parts shop called SM Mechanical, which sells Kayaba New SR. They are selling the absorber for RM2400 as the owners mentioned that it is a discounted price due to some promotion on Kayaba products. The shop owners also mentioned that this absorber is directly imported from Japan as the Made in Japan had been engraved in the beautiful blue color stick. Never one to miss the chances, I had straight away purchased the absorber from the aforementioned shop. The final process is to find a shop to fix the absorber in my Honda HRV. After that, it was completed. I installed the absorber that I had waited for so long to improve the ride quality for my Honda HRV.

To test it, I had chosen the Gombak – Bentong highway as the uphill, downhill, and the curvy road will provide the precise situation on how good the absorbers are. Since this absorber had been advertised as a performance enhancer, I expect a lot of good things that can significantly improve my ride with my HRV. The difference is quickly noticeable while cruising from the Gombak to Genting Sempah. The car feels much more planted on the high-speed cruising and does not have any swerving feeling that I had encountered slightly with Kayaba Excel G. On the OEM absorber before this, swerving while cruising at high speed will noticeably give a feeling of frailty. The Kayaba New SR had passed the first test successfully.

The notorious contorted road from Genting Sempah to Bentong can be annoying for me while driving on the East Coast of Malaysia again, the difference the Kayaba New SR has made. The car’s ability to handle the notorious swerved road had improved significantly as I can feel they are no understeer or oversteer. The car follows the twisted highway without any problem. It feels more enjoyable to make a cornering with the Kayaba New SR. I feel more solid and reliable with this, an experience that did not exist before in OEM absorber and Kayaba Excel G.

The ride after fixing the absorber is also different. The ride is not hard and, at some times, not soft. I feel that the Kayaba New SR can accommodate any driving situation and provide the best experience possible. Since the Kayaba New SR is a high-end product from Kayaba, it has a special damping force and has been optimized by Kayaba for every possible situation for the drivers. Hence, Kayaba New SR special can provide a comfortable ride simultaneously with excellent stability in high-speed cruising. It is remarkable for Kayaba to achieve these with these absorbers while not making them as adjustable. Kayaba’s expertise in making absorbers together is stellar. Their craftsmanship in making an excellent absorber made them the most prevalent OEM absorber for Japanese car manufacturers.

The Kayaba New SR special absorber also can absorb the road irregularities expertly. Again the specially optimized damping for the absorber also had made it outstanding in absorbing road roughness. While on the OEM absorbers, any instance when the absorber had hit road irregularities will instantly be transferred to the interior while driving, giving the uncomfortable feeling. I do not have these types of feelings with Kayaba New SR. The absorber’s damping was designed second to none for the road irregularities. Overall, the New SR had improved my Honda HRV stability, giving me a smooth ride, improved cornering, and excellent absorption of road irregularities.

The Kayaba New SR special is one of the absorbers that can provide the best possible experience for car lovers while making a languid ride or a high-speed ride. The absorber is capable of delivering the best experience in these situations. The Kayaba New SR special had achieved this perfect blend of comfort and performance while not being adjustable absorbers is a testament to the craftsmanship of Kayaba.

Fortunately, I got the New SR special from the shop at a discounted price. However, not many automobile lovers will be able to get it easily. Not many shops are selling these absorbers, and even when they are selling them, the price will be non-economical and extremely high. It is not an exaggeration to say the Kayaba New SR price in some shops will be higher than Tein Endure Pro Plus. This can explain why not many automobile lovers have installed the Kayaba New SR for their cars, especially Honda HRV. However, it will improve the ride for those who have fixed the absorber. The Kayaba New SR will be an improvement from the OEM absorber and Kayaba Excel G. Again, I’m fortunate enough to get these top-notch Kayaba absorbers for an excellent price. Now I’m happy as it has improved my driving experience impressively.


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