The massive traffic jam in the causeway

The influx of foreign workers in our country is an opportunity for some especially for the employee as there can make the workers work for long hours with less pay as this foreigner is not attached to any labour law in our country like the local and at some time they are willing to do the so-called 3d job that is neglected by the local . Some foreign worker can be the sources of hatred for the local as they will have a thought that the foreigner is coming after their job. Most of the foreign workers who work in our country is coming from Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. We can say that Bangladeshi is the most foreigner in our country who came to work.

Bangladesh workers who want to work in Malaysia

This foreigner coming to our country because of the foreign currency exchange where their earning will be doubled for their country currency. When comes to a foreigner how about us the Malaysian? We also have some local who working in a foreign country and most of the Malaysian is working in Singapore. The foreigner from the country listed above had to endure many obstacles and hardship to come to Malaysia and similarly Malaysian need to endure some hardship to work in a foreign country especially in Singapore.

The first obstacle and hardship they need to endure is the time to travel to work and coming from work. In our country, if the work starts at 8 am, we need to wake up 2 hours before to avoid the massive traffic jam in the morning depending on the location. However, for Malaysian who is working in Singapore, they need to wake up much earlier than that. For the works that start at 9 am, they need to work 3 or 4 hours earlier to endure the massive traffic jam in Singapore causeway. The picture that had been viral on the internet and social media will give us a shock on how severe the traffic jam.

The massive traffic jam in the causeway

This traffic jam happened due to strict checking of the Singapore immigration and customs officer in the checkpoint. Even though they are 2 causeways built but the massive traffic jam is still there due to the influx of Malaysian going to Singapore for the purpose of work. The massive traffic jam does not end there and during coming from the work, they still need to endure the traffic jam and finally, they will be back around late night even though their job finishes earlier around 5 pm or 6 pm. They had only a few hours of sleep before the daily routine start back on the next day and they need to endure it again. Some will take an apartment or house for rent in Singapore but due to the high cost, they are willing to endure the hardship of the traffic jam.

Once they had reached Singapore then they need to follow the rule of the land and Singapore enforcement is so strict and with a low level of corruption in Singapore, expect the enforcement office to be honest and firm. How strict and careful Singapore enforcement in their implementation of the rules for public safety? In April 2017, a Chinese national had been caught by the enforcement and the reason is he left his beg unattended in the MRT station and not enough of catching him, the authorities had closed the MRT station for several hours. This and several other rules made Singapore as one of the strict, efficient and had been labelled as a fine city too. This is something that needs to be endured by our local whom working there as any mishap will lead to a fine and if they are unable to pay the fine, they will be not be allowed to leave the country.

The foreigner who comes to our country does not have any retirement planning scheme like the local whom had the Employment Provident Fund (EPF) and similarly, Malaysian whom working in Singapore too does not have the retirement scheme for them. In Singapore, the retirement scheme is called as Central Provident Fund (CPF) and like the EPF it is only for the locals. The foreigner who comes to our country and for Malaysian who working in Singapore the retirement scheme is non-existent as the scheme is only for the local. Things like prejudice, stereotyping, biases to the local staff and others can happen to Malaysian who working in Singapore.

However, for all the traffic jam that takes most of the days, the strict enforcement, and non-existent of a retirement scheme, they are a valid reason for Malaysian to work in Singapore and this is some reason why a foreigner is willing to come to our country and that is the foreign currency rate exchange. For Malaysian whom working in Singapore even though their salary is SGD1000 but once they had exchange to Malaysian Ringgit, they can earn MYR3038 based on the market rate at that time and without any deduction. The local whom earning at least MYR2000 can have the deduction of EPF, and Socso and for those who earn higher, they also can expect an income tax deduction. With the deduction, they are earning less while Malaysian who working in Singapore can earn some amount without any deduction.

This is one of the advantages and reason, why Malaysian who had the working opportunity to in Singapore, will never reject the opportunity especially for those who stay in Johor Bahru. Their earning will commensurate the hardship they need to endure especially the traffic jam that will take their full day before and after the work. Some Malaysian will work for several years to earn as much as possible before working in Malaysia. In the end, when choosing between the hardship and the earning, most of the answer will be earning as for Malaysian working in Singapore they can earn a lot of money due to the high foreign currency exchange and most importantly without any deduction.

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