The German and the Japanese are the marque car for our car lovers when it comes to the brand synonymous with quality and excellent driving experience in a correlation between performance and comfort. They are another sector of the car lovers who love the aspect as per mentioned above but at some time including the safety aspect the automobile from Scandinavia Swedish Volvo is the marque choices. However, they are another automobile that had produced some well-known, and they are the Italian. Italian cars such as Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini also are a favourite for our car lovers, although the user does not exceed the Japanese and German cars.

The German represents comfort and performance when it comes to the car epitome, while the Japanese are more comfortable with an adequate account with non-premium prices. On these parts, the Italian is known for the love of outstanding performance as their car brand like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati is the epitome of the Italian manufacturers. The Italian has a particular nostalgic value among car lovers. It is not hyperbole to say that Italian car makers are a dream car for automobile lovers. Although they are quite a famous brand in the Western world, the Italian car is not the top choices for our automobile lovers when it comes to our country.

The reason for fewer choices on the Italian car is because of their premium price for the entry-level car. The minimum prices for the new Italian car can exceed RM500,000 above. The Italian does not have many choices for the less than the premium car, although this price factor can contribute to our country’s high automobile taxes for the foreign car and the Italian car is mostly CBU and not CKD,

When it comes to the Italian car, the comfort and performance are well correlated, making the driver feel he is one with the vehicle. Maserati started their life on the racing track, and Ferrari had a good reputation in the F1 Circuit. In contrast, Lamborghini had started its life from a vehement argument between Enzo Ferrari and Lamborghini. He decided to provide his sports car named after him with creating a bedrock foundation for the present sports car. Although Lamborghini had been in the slump thanks to Volkswagen, who had acquired Lamborghini, it made a comeback again. Volkswagen had been responsible for not only the revival of Lamborghini but also Bugatti.

Another reason for the Italian car aversion among the masses in our country is the meagre resale value. The resale value is a unique concern for the car lovers in our country, which precipitated in their choice to be inclined more to the Japanese and German cars. The Italian car is as good as the German car, but when it comes to the selection, the Italian vehicle can be equivalent to the Audi as they are popular in the western market but not in our country. With the enormous prices for the automobile sold in our country, our automobile lovers had contemplated the resale value of purchasing the car. The car with a low resale value will be a less popular choice. However, this factor will not be taken into consideration by some automobile lovers as they are passionate to own their dream car. For these automobile lovers, the Italian car will be a choice.

Although the Italian car is not as famous as the German car in our country, they still have a loyal follower among car lovers. The sole Italian car distributor in our county is Naza Kia, who had made an enormous effort to make sure that they can still sell the car, which for now they had not failed as there kept promoting the Italian car in our county. Since Naza Kia is the sole distributor of an Italian car, this had contributed to the fewer choices  for the service centre like the German and Japanese car where they are massive service centre for them

The user can be less than the German and Japanese marque car. However, the Italian car is still the epitome of performance and quality; hence the vehicle will still have some loyal followers in our markets. Maybe in the future, we can see an increase in the Italian car user in our country.

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