Interesting Stories Behind 13 Famous Brand Car Names [Infographic]

Cars have become a basic necessity of our lives. Daily we see a lot of cars on roads, but we never put too much focus on the car history. You can often hear people talking about the latest models of the car, but there are very few people who will talk about the stories behind car brands.

You drive your own car or might use a cab service but have you ever wondered what the origin of word ‘Car’ is? OR When was the first car designed and who was the person behind it? We got so busy that we didn’t get time to explore more about the things that we use in our day to day life.

Do you own a car? Do you know the story of your car brand name? Even if you don’t own a car which is your favorite brand? It’s good to expand your knowledge by exploring the story about a car brand name you own or you desire to own.

Among a lot of car brands in the market, there are some very popular too. You too have heard about these famous car brand names sometimes – Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ferrari, and Honda.

We at (an auto portal) thought of creating an infographic on the stories behind 13 famous car brand names which you can explore below.

We hope you like the infographic and would definitely learn something new from it. If you like the infographic and the information then please do share it.


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