The navigation system in the car is once considered as a specification in the luxury car only like the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz S Class, Audi A8, Rolls Royce and many more. Now with the introduction of the navigational app in the smartphone like the Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps in the IOS powered smartphone and at some time what considered as a specification in the luxury carmaker is now installed in most of the car especially in the high variant cars. Some car like the Volkswagen Passat B8 2.0 Highline, the user can also use the navigation in their digital meter system called as Active Info Display. The navigation app is far better with the increase of the graphical capabilities in most of the devices now.

Two of the most used navigational app in the smartphone

Most the car manufacturer had played with the idea of installing the navigation in the car and the first car that had installed the navigational system is the GM Guide Star System in the now defunct Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. As per mentioned previously, the early navigation it was limited to 2d graphics only due to previous system capabilities, unlike the current navigation superior capabilities where it can also show real-time view, for example, the Google Street View in the Google Maps. In the past, only the luxury car has the navigation system and if the car lovers’ vehicle does not have the navigation system they can purchase the 3rd party navigation tools like the Garmin and Asus.

An example of the 3rd party Garmin navigational tools.

However, with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and followed by Android where this also had introduced the open resources system for both IOS and Android developers to come with the smartphone application or app and form this comes several useful and popular app currently like the WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. This also had led to the introduction of the navigation tools like the Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps. Now everyone can use the navigational tools and they had 2 choices is either to use the inbuilt car navigation system or the smartphone navigation system.

Another app that had made its way for the car lovers is the Mirrorlink app where the user can now also mirror their smartphone screen in the infotainment screen itself hence they can also make the navigation display tools in the car infotainment screen too. Now, most of the car lovers do not use the 3rd party navigational system and preferred the car navigational system or the smartphone navigation tools.

They are several advantages and disadvantages of using either inbuilt navigation system or the smartphone system. The inbuilt navigation system is always ready to be used at any time like the smartphone navigation, but the advantages of the smartphone navigation tools is portable as it can be used at any places at any time subject to network connectivity in that area where the inbuilt navigation tools as per its name is not portable and can be used only in the car.

The inbuilt navigation tools can be a troublesome as it can’t be updated accordingly hence may lead to the wrong direction for the car lovers but on the other hand the smartphone navigation tool will be updated accordingly often to ensure the system is up to date and may add any new feature can be added too where in the inbuilt navigation system can’t be that flexible.

With more and more application and the program is installed in the smartphone and with the continuous operating system, the smartphone battery is a thing of concern for the user. The inbuilt navigation does not have this kind of problem where the navigational tools in the smartphone are one of the applications that can drain the battery rapidly. The inbuilt navigation although can also drain the car battery as it is also an electronic device but it is not as rapid as the battery in the smartphone due to the device characteristic.

As per mentioned before, now they are 2 choices of the navigational tools as either the user can use the inbuilt car navigational system or the smartphone navigational system. But even though the inbuilt navigational system is available in most of the car presently but unfortunately, it is only in the high variant car where it will cost more for the potential buyer and user which a budget constraint will always like to choose the middle specification or the lower specification where the navigation tools will not be installed. The user can opt for the 3rd party infotainment system where it will provide a navigation system but again it will expensive and some of OEM infotainment design does not have the 3rd party infotainment option. In this car, the smartphone navigational tools are far superior to most of the user using the smartphone hence the navigation will be available for them at any time.

With the option of the navigation tools in the car and in the smartphone gone the day when the car lovers need to ask an individual with regards to the destination and now with the click of the button either in the smartphone or in the car navigation system, this system will proceed to navigate the user to their preferred destination. The navigation tools due to reachability now had become one of the important tools in our daily driving life.

Although in simple term, in our country the navigation tools are available in most of the car it is only in the high variant and not in the middle or low variation car depends on the car model where the smartphone is used by most of the people hence most of the individual will prefer to the smartphone navigational system. Due to this, the smartphone navigation system had become a popular choice among the car lovers due to the portability and ease of use. Where in the past, the car lovers may feel missed up when his or her car does not have the navigational system but now with the smartphone navigational system it had become a thing of the past.




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