Important Tips to Make Your Car’s Exhaust Sound Louder

Important Tips to Make Your Car’s Exhaust Sound Louder

While a car’s exhaust system is normally affected by several factors, the most important factor is the engine capacity. This means the bigger the engine, the louder the sound. This is why a V12 engine will sound louder than 1.0 engine.

If the engine remains the same muffler type, exhaust-tip system and exhaust system type can be replaced or altered to affect the sound profile of the vehicle. But how could I make my car exhaust sound louder? Here are some of the tips

What you need

  • Exhaust pipe
  • Exhaust tip
  • Muffler

Cut out the silencers

Cutting out the silencers is a not only a cheap but also an effective way to make your exhaust sound louder. Although performance cars may have more, most cars have only 2 silencers. Make sure you remove one silencer at a time as you check out the change in sound. This will help you know the kind of sound that you need.

 Replace the muffler


You can also replace the muffler with one that is meant to amplify the sound of your car. Straight pipe designs, glass packs, and straight through exhausts will greatly increase the sound output. When you want to choose a new muffler, select one that increases the quantity of the gas expelled without passing through the sound muffling chambers.

Install a sport or decat cat

A standard catalyst converter is a very important component in today’s eco-friendly environment. But how does it functions? As the car metal heats up, the gasses are converted into less harmful substances.

As compared to the standard cat, the sports catalyst has a much greater flow rate. While the standard cat and the sports cat are made using the same material, the sports cat has a finer matrix and smoothness to allow a deeper exhaust note and greater gas flow. This will result in greater exhaust sound and higher performance figures.

However, before making a decision on these, it’s very important to think well. If done poorly, it might cause a car to backfire. But what causes a car to backfire? Weak pumps, low fuel, and clogged filters.

Increase the size of exhaust pipe

You can increase the size of exhaust pipes by at least 2  inches. You should do this together with the replacement of the muffler to make sure that the gasses are not constricted when they are coming out.

The increased volume of the gasses will enable the gasses to be ported from the system with a lot of ease. The greater pipe diameter and throughput will create a greater sound in the exhaust system. But do not increase the size of exhaust pipes beyond acceptable measures as this will differ depending on the vehicle’s engine, torque, and horsepower. It’s also important to know how to clean exhaust tips.

Installing performance exhaust system

Most cars usually have enough room for performance increase. This is not to say that the cars are manufactured poorly. Many manufacturers will choose cheaper alternatives when they want to buy parts such as exhaust systems.

If you install performance exhaust system, you will be able to free some of the power of your engine since these systems are very much restrictive. They are also very much more efficient when it comes to allowing the gasses to escape.

More so, it will allow your engine to breathe better resulting in air exiting the engine faster. More fuel and air will, therefore, be burned to create more power. A performance exhaust will change the exhaust sound of the car. Although it’s a bit expensive, it creates a better pipe work.

Connect your exhaust with welded hangers

If your exhaust system is hanging from the vehicle the vibrations transferred from the car will be dampened. Connecting your exhaust with welded hangers directly will ensure that the vibration from the exhaust becomes louder. You can also use sound dampening insulation such as sound mats to dampen the sound heard in the cabin.


While these are some of the ways that you could use to make your car’s exhaust sound louder, it’s very important to take time and choose the one that works well. It’s also very important to research the laws of a particular country to ensure that you do not do something illegal.

In fact, it’s advisable that you should only be after increasing the sound. However, if you also want to increase the performance of the vehicle, install a full aftermarket exhaust system.


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  1. One tip I would like to add on how to make my exhaust louder would be i suppose the cheapest, easiest, most controllable, and moderately safer way to make your car louder. All you need is to drill in your muffler one big or a few small holes. It is very controllable if you drill smaller holes as each one you add increases the loudness to a lesser extent.

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