The coronavirus which had been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) had most of us had been practically staying in the home. In our country starting from Mac 18 2020, our government had implemented the Movement Control Order to stop the chain of the coronavirus. Although it is not a full lockdown like in India or China it still had a major effect on us as many Malaysian had been in the home for a long time except for those who work on essential services like those on medical lines, groceries, online food deliveries and many more.  We can move from our home to buy medicine, groceries item, foods, and many more within a radius of 10 kilometers only. The funeral and also the wedding is not allowed as the government does not want any social gathering during these times.

With we had been on the movement control order, our 4 wheeled friends whom we are using to travel everywhere too had been indirectly under the movement control order too. Since they are no car wash operating during this time, maybe it is time for us to know how to wash our car in our backyard or garage. It can tiresome and exhausting for those who own a big car and are practically washing the car on their own for the first time. However, it will be a great exercise for us since we are stuck in our own home for a long time.

They are some items that we need to wash our cars and that is the car wash shampoo, windshield washer, vacuum cleaner, and tire polish. Some car users can also use the car tar remover to removes the stubborn tars on the car, interior cleaners to clean the car interior and the cushion cleaners kit to clean up the car seats which can be purchased online. Although for a basic car wash, the car shampoo is the only item that is needed. Car users also can use the car wax to wax theirs to prevent the car paint from fading.

All other necessities such as the pipe host, bucket, sponge, and dry cloth also needed. It will be easier if everything is kept as near as possible. The first thing that we needed is to use them and fill up the water in the bucket and once the bucket had been full or half full depends on the type of car that the user needs to wash mixed it with the car wash shampoo. It is always best to buy the car wash shampoo from a reputable brand such as KIT.

KIT car shampoo

The first step is to wash the car using the pipe hose starting from the side of the wheel to upwards. Before doing this, make sure that all the car window is closed. If the window is not fully closed, then the water can enter the car interior. Once the car had been washed with the water, use the water in the bucket that is mixed with the car shampoo and wash the car using these across the car body up and down and also the wheels by using the sponge. The needs of this step are to make sure all the dust and dirt in the wheels and car surfaces had been wiped out. However, the car wash shampoo kit may not be able to remove the tar that is stuck to the car and in these cases, the user needs the car tar remover kit that will be strong enough to remove the tar.

The second step after washing the car with the car shampoo is to wipe the car with a dry cloth. Why these steps are needed? The car wash shampoo although it can remove the dirt and dust, the car shampoo can damage the car paint if it was not wiped out entirely hence this step is needed to wipe out the car shampoo from the car paint. After wiping out the car shampoo entirely, the car user can use the car wax to wax their car. Once the car shampoo had been wiped entirely, then the next step will be to clean the interior dashboard and vacuum out any dust in the car seat and car mats. The car user who wants the wax car can proceed to clean the interior after completing the waxing of their car.

The car users also can proceed to vacuum their car boot to eliminate any dust via a vacuum cleaner. Some car users can also use the car interior cleaner and car seat polish kit. The car user can also take this opportunity to arrange the items in the car drawer or throws any rubbish in the car. After these steps had been completed the next step will be to wash the tire or polish the car tire using the tire cleaner kit. Depends on the brand, some tire polish will be like a liquid type and some will be like a foam. Either way, this will ensure the tire is kept clean and giving the tire shining looks.

Liquid type tire polish
Foamy tire polish

Once everything had been completed, the car user can recheck everything to make sure that every part of the car had been cleaned and the car looks new and shiny again with all the dirt, the dust had been removed in the interior and exterior. The car user also can add some windshield cleaner by opening the car bonnet and fill in the liquid in the car windshield washer.

The car user can wash their car alone and with the help of the family members or friends. Washing car can be a tiresome and exhausting process for the one who is doing it for the first however this will be a great experience for the car user. The lockdown or movement control order depends on the countries with the car users living can provide a great opportunity for us to wash our car on own backyards.

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