How to Choose used Tires

Choosing the used tires for your vehicle can help a lot when you have a limited budget. But when you do not focus on a few things, then the chances are that your money would go wasted. This does not need to be a blockade when it comes to buying used tires. You can always look for the tips and suggestions when selecting the used tires Tampa, and here the ones that can always come handy.

Check the Tread

Threads, when not adequate can actually ruin everything. They are meant to let you have a grip on the road, and insufficient threads mean slippery roads are risky for your vehicle. You can always use a gauge to find if the treads have not gone below the depth. But, if you don’t want to get a gauge or don’t have one, only use the penny trick. When you insert the penny with Lincoln’s head upside down, if you see Lincoln’s head completely, then the tread is too worn out to be got. When you pick the used tires with tread indicators, check for the grooves, and if tires are too worn out then do not go for them.

Check the Age of the Tire

Instead of looking into multiple factors, if you can simply see the age of the tire, lots of things can be managed with ease. You can see a date stamp on the tire. There are 4 digits, the first 2 denoting the week, and the last two the year. For instance, if it’s 4015, then it means, it was made in the 40th week of the year 2015. You should not choose tires that are more than 5 years old. But, at times, you can go with 7 or 8 years old tires, if they are very new.

Dry Rot

Always check for the sidewalls of the tires. They might have small cracks on them. Most of the times, they are not visible easily. If that is the case, pinch the sidewall, around various areas. This lets you find the cracks that are evident.


Plugs and patches on the tires mean that the tires have already been repaired. Lots of patches say that the tires have been suffering punctures a lot, and cannot be the value for money you pay.

Match the Tire

If you are getting a single tire, then there are lots of factors to be checked. Check if the tire matches with the rest. Getting one direction tire is important. Imagining each tire going in a different direction when you are driving? No that is not going to happen, but you have to understand that the tread will not give you enough grip. This is because they do not rotate properly in the same way.

Matched Sets

If you are going for matched sets, you need to check the length and width ratios of the tires. Individual tires of the matched pairs should be equal by all means. It is always good to go for the matched set, for they offer proper rotation, and they wear evenly.

Before going for the used tires, it is always a wise move to compare and contrast the prices of the used and new tires.

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  1. Obviously, everyone should agree with what you said about how essential it is to get tires (regardless if they’re new or pre-owned) with compatible measurement for our vehicles first and foremost. My boss has an uncle who plans to do a major overhaul on his old truck within this month. I think he should call a mechanic to help make the right selection in the near future.

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