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The car is one of the most valued possession by automobile lovers. As in the current trend, the motor-powered engine or electric engine is built to bring us from one destination to another, simultaneously giving us the power to choose our precious time to travel without depending on public transport. Considering the car gives us such comfort, every precaution must be taken to ensure the wear and tear parts of the car component is intact, and any mishap was detected in the early stages and replaced accordingly. One of the indispensable maintenance for a car running on the Internal Combustion Engine(ICE) is to replace the engine oil according to the manufacturer’s recommended timeframe. For the most part, the recommended interval by the car manufacturers will be between 10,000km and 15,000km.

For the car still tied under-car manufacturers’ warranties, they had no alternative but to adhere to the service center’s recommended engine oil. After the warranties had ended, the automobile lovers had an option to stick with the service center or service their car outside the authorized service center, and this is where things get interesting, and uncertainty may creep into the mind of the automobile lovers on choosing with is the best engine oil for their car. Before the warranties expired, they were under vendor lock-in to use the service center recommended engine oil, and now they will have more options in choosing the best engine oil for their beloved vehicle.

In the markets, there are various engine oil brands which are the usual and most sought brands like Castrol, Liqui Molly, Petronas, Shell, Ravenol, Total, Idemitsu, Petron, BHP, Penrite, and a lot more. It is not easy to choose the best engine oil for their beloved car as each engine oil brand has its own selling points, such as Liqui Titanium, ceramic coating, Cool Tech, friction reduction, and more. Depending on the availability, budget, and brand preferences, car lovers can choose various engine oil brands for their cars.

Some engine oil brands like Petronas, Havoline, Shell, BHP, and Petron will be available in the petrol outlet. Automobile lovers believe in the qualities of the engine oil brand as mentioned earlier oil as it is available in the petrol station and the customer can buy it at any time. Furthermore, some of the brands mentioned above have an excellent reputation for providing the best protection for the car engine. Another modus operandi is buying the engine oil from the official distributor. Each engine oil brand had its official distributor in Malaysia, which can be found on the engine oil brand’s official website. Some engine oil brands also have their own workshops like Castrol Auto Workshop, Havoline Professional Workshop,  Shell Workshop, Petronas Syntium Workshop, and more. Buying from the petrol outlet, official workshop, and official distributor is the first step to ensure that the error-free engine oil is poured into our cars. Some engine oil brands also had their official Lazada and Shoppe stores.

Choosing the viscosity of the engine oil can also lead to a tricky situation for automobile lovers. Various numbers will be printed in the engine oil packing like 5W-30,0W-20,5W-40,10W-40,15W-30, and substantially more. Each number represents the oil viscosity, and choosing the right one will ensure the car performs as expected without any mishap. It is better to choose the thickness as recommended by the car manufacturers or stick with the viscosity that had been poured into our car engine during the warranty period. For instance, for the Honda HRV model, Honda has recommended three viscosity engine oil, which are 5w-30, 0w-40, and 0w-20; despite that, during the warranties period, the service center will pour the 0w-20 in the i-Vtec engine. It is recommended to stick with some viscosity that was poured on the engine during the warranties period

Nevertheless, choosing the recommended viscosity will give automobile lovers another indecision moment. For instance, if the Honda HRV owners decide to stick with some viscosity as per the service center, it will cost more. In the service center, the engine oil is discounted; hence the price will be lesser; however, outside the service center, the price will not be discounted and will be higher. Engine oil with a viscosity of 0w-20 is usually sold as the signature product of the engine oil brand; thus, the price will be on the higher side. For example, 0w-20 Castrol Edge will be sold approximately for RM310 to RM350 in the Castrol Auto Workshop, while the Castrol Magnatec with some viscosity will be sold at RM250 to RM280. Castrol Edge has a solid additive to reduce the metal-to-metal friction, while Castrol Magnatec does not have the some solid additive.

Some customers will not hesitate to pay the high price as they want the best engine oil poured for their car; however, some car customers will be under budget constraints and hesitate to spend much money on these. Despite that, another factor that may become a factor for them is brand loyalty. Some automobile lovers prefer to stick with trusted engine oil brands like Castrol, Liqui Moly, Petronas, Havoline, Shell, Amsoil, and more. A few automobile lovers may change to a more money-friendly engine oil, but sticking with the manufacturers’ recommended oil thickness is still advisable. Some engine oil brands are not capped at high prices, for instance, various Japanese engine oil brands. It is advisable to choose the best engine oil without concerning the budget as the engine oil is the lifeline for the car with ICE. Any negligence on these parts will derail and break the engine, simultaneously affecting the car’s performance.

When choosing the best engine oil, it is not recommended to buy from any spare parts shop and stick to the official distributor or in the petrol station as the reliability of the engine oil may come into play, especially with the widespread fake engine oil issue going on. If the fake engine oil had been accidentally poured, it would significantly impair the engine and the consumer bank balance to fix the problem. In the simple term, when buying an engine oil outside the service center, the place of purchasing the engine oil, the viscosity, brand loyalty, and type of engine oil additive can become a factor. For customers with a budget constraint, it is still recommended to choose the suitable viscosity and choose from the least popular engine oil, which can still provide good protection for the car. In spite of that, it is advisable to choose the best engine oil brand with a good reputation as the ICE is a vital component, and lubrication for it is pivotal to ensure that car performs smoothly and without any mishap.

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