How To Change A Fuel Filter In Your Car

How To Change A Fuel Filter In Your Car

 Changing a fuel filter requires one to buy special tools. The first thing you are needed to do before changing your existing filter is to find the filter. Your car owner’s manual shows you the position of the fuel filter in your car.

If the engine has a fuel injection, the fuel filter is situated somewhere at the high-pressure fuel line, under the car near the fuel tank or the hood at the fuel line next to the engine. Some cars have a fuel filter located in the fuel pump or filter screen in the fuel tank.


What you Need

  • New fuel filter
  • Eye protection
  • Rags
  • Open end wrenches
  • New fuel line washers

Step One: Relieving Fuel System Pressure

Before starting your work, allow the engine to cool down, relieve the fuel system pressure and put on your eye protection. A fuel injection system does its work under a high pressure. In case you forget to release the fuel system pressure before beginning to unscrewing the fuel lines you can cause an explosion.  Ensure you do the three things before you start changing your fuel filter.

To release the pressure from your fuel line, you will have to locate your fuel pump fuse wish is in the fuse box. In case the fuel pump lacks a dedicated fuse, search for the relay which operates the fuel pump. After you locate the relay or the fuel pump, ignite the vehicle. With your engine running, remove the relay or the fuse. If you remove the right one, your engine sputter and die. Because it is utilising all the pressurised fuel in the system, your fuel lines will not be pressurised after opening the fittings in the fuel filter.

Step Two: Disconnect The Fuel Lines From The Fuel Filter

After relieving the fuel pressure, you can then remove the existing fuel filter. In case you did not do this, you should go to the first step and do it. Forgetting to do that, will be very dangerous!

In case your vehicle has a fuel injection, it advisable you get two open end wrenches which are of the right size for your fuel filter replacement. In most cases, they will be of two different sizes. With the wrenches in position, place a rag over the fitting to keep away your head from your car’s fuel lines. By doing that, you will protect your eyes if there is pressure in the fuel lines.

Hold your wrench that fits on the fuel filter, and rotate the other wrench counter in a clockwise direction until unique bolt comes out. You can then slide the fuel line off the special bolt and place the bolt aside. Now, you can do the same for the other side of your fuel filter. However, some cars need a special fuel line wrench so as to disconnect the fuel lines, always check your out before you begin your work. Always ensure have the correct tools for the right job.

Step Three: Remove The Old Fuel Filter

With your car’s fuel lines disconnected from your fuel filter, you can now change the old fuel from your car. Most are held in the clamp which is released using the flat head screwdriver. It is important to always be careful while removing the old fuel filter since it may probably consist of gas.

Step Four: Change The Fuel Filter Washer

Remember the unique fuel line bolts that you properly placed aside? The bolts will need a special pressure washer. The bolts are either aluminium or copper. It is advisable to remove the existing washers and replace them with your new washers that match. Most of the washer is different from one side of the car’s fuel filter to the other side. Place one washer on the bolt just before sliding the fuel line. Keeping track will make sure the new filter is leak free.

Step Five: Install The New Fuel Filter

Installing the new fuel filter is the opposite of removal. Never forget to place the relay or pump fuse back before starting the car.


If you cannot do the steps above by yourself, it is advisable you take your car to an expert to do it for you. Changing a fuel filter requires you to be very careful since in case you do it wrongly, you can cause an explosion.

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