Before the rise of social media, most of the car lovers will get their latest news from the car magazine or journal and dedicated newspaper column for automobiles. With the popularity of the internet, car lovers now had 2 choices either to learn or to know about the automobile in the online portal or by the printed media. Some printed media also had their online website so that the car lovers can view from both media. However, with the arrival of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and online streaming video YouTube the way we get the latest information had changed altogether.

In social media, they are a page for all the automobile companies, automobile repairs, and accessories, pages for negative feedback for automobiles too, and others. With this the car lovers can get most of the information from the new model, specification of the new model, new accessories for the car, checking and comparing the price of the car components and others all in their fingertips. Gone are the days when the car lovers need to call or going to the related place. Even now with Facebook Live, the car lovers can see the launch of the new model live in social media itself.

Once the car lovers can read the review of the car from the printed media and by the online portal but with the rise of social media, now the list of the car review had grown to a significant rate. Anyone with a passion for the car can write a review about the car in social media, can make upload the video review for the car, even instantaneously upload the picture of the car in photo-sharing media like Instagram. All the automobile-related had their own social media page and their own YouTube channel. With this, the car lover has many resources to view the car review unlike in the past where only the printed media and the online portal are their only source for the car review.

Now with many sources to find the related automobile information, they are also a rise of the negative feedback too. They are some pages related to the negative feedback for the automobile. One of the famous pages in social media is the page related to the Volkswagen DSG failure. The numerous negative feedbacks within this type of page related to the automobile component failure. They are also an online petition that can be created in social media to highlight this type of negative feedback to relevant automobile industries.

The social media also become a platform for the car lovers of a certain model to share their positive and negative feedback, information exchanges, suggestion, and recommendation, and many more. With the creation of many pages with related to car model such as the Honda HRV, Toyota Camry, BMW, Mercedez Benz, and others, the car user of this brand can get some required information and also they also can arrange for the road trip and tour within the group, this will make a great relationship between them and also good exposure for other car users to get the necessary information.

As mentioned before that on YouTube which had seen the rise of the car review some of the car reviews had become very popular in the world like the Top Gear, our own Driven, Bobby Ang, and others. They had become an instant hit within the car lover’s community to a degree where their video will get many views within hours of the video uploaded on YouTube. This also becomes one of the sources of generating income as the YouTube video can be monetized. YouTube also had been used to create awareness and send a message related to the necessary automobile items.

Social media too had become a place where the car lovers can send any information, negative feedback, and some suggestion within the page of the related automobile. In the social media it can be seen that some car user will send the suggestion in the comment box and due to the rise of the social media, the automobile industries had hired some individual whom will handle on the social media feedback. They are some individuals who also can apply for the job opportunity in the social media pages.

Any picture that had been taken by the lovers with related to the automobile can be uploaded instantly in social media. With the advancement of the smartphone camera and the ease of access to social media, car lovers can upload any automobile related picture in social media instantly and with good clarity. They also can make a simple edit of the picture by using the photo editing app in the smartphone to upload the picture. This also seen the rise of the meme especially related to automobiles where some lovers of the certain model can upload a picture to mock the other car model example Honda car lovers can upload a meme about Toyota. Like social media where they are special individuals, they are also some individuals who hired to create a meme.

The rise of social media and YouTube had seen many car lovers share their passion in the platform via review, positive and negative feedback, meme, and others. This had led some to become popular and had seen the information shared instantly. They also had led to significant growth of the automobile reviews who can share any review on these platforms. Social media and YouTube had led to us have many resources about the information about automobile industries which is a significant improvement. Although the printed media is still there with regards to automobiles, with these platforms the car lovers can have more options on information related to the automobile industries.

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