iPhone x the first iPhone to have OLED display

The car had been evolved in a way in such a way where once it was a mode of tranporation for the masses and now it had become a status symbol and also the symbol of a success for a person. Getting a a first car or getting the dream car or getting the ultra luxury car is deemed a success fro the person whom had owned the car . The car had been improved considerably in term of safety , performance , comfort , and one of the underrated aspect of the car is the aspect of communication.

Before the rise of the smartphone , the car user need to make an appointment or making a call via a landline . The car manufacturer had tried to make a landline in the car but does not get a a great degree of success due to many complication that arises due to this. However the rise of the smartphone which also conincided with the rise of the smartphone app in both platform in the Android and Iphone had changed the way we communicate in the car while we are driving.

In the first they are some difficulties on communicating via smartphone as the user can be distrarcted from the road that can led to a a disastrous consequence in the form  of accident . However with the invention of the Bluetooth , the car user can now use the car in built Bluetooth device to make a handsfree communication . If the car user infotainment system does not support the Bluetooth system , the car user can simply purchase the aftermarket handsfree or by using the headphone to communicate. However since most of the modern day had been equipped with the Bluetooth enable infotainment system , the need for the aftermarket handsfree device had been reduced significantly.

With the rise of the smartphone usage , the app that had been associated with the smartphone also had seen the rise. With these advancement , the car user can make many transaction from the buying the airplace ticket, hotel booking , money transaction , making an appointment with the service center and other all in the smartphone and they can be made on while in the car itself. This eliminate the needs for the car user to proceed to bank ,ticket counter or other as they can make this transaction with the smartphone while on the go.

Another great improvement that smartphone app had provided is the getting the latest news with related to the user preferences where it can be business, sport, fesyen, foreign news , politicial, share market,automobiles and many others. They car user can view the latest news by Google, news providers app, and also via the social media itself. This will ensure that the car user does not miss out of any latest information with related to their preferences. The car users also can get the latest information by online video streaming service like Youtube.

The car infotaiment also had been upgraded where now the car user can use the Google AndroidAuto or Apple CarPlay . With these application , the car user also can use these app for navigation , checking on the messages , also listening to the online music app like Sportify . Now , most of the aftermarker and also OEM infotainment system had built to support the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto . With both of the application support Google Maps and Waze , the needs for the car user to purchased standalone navigation system had been reduced completely.

With the all the advancement that had been made by the smartphone app , in the future that are also another advancement that is being considered and that is locking and unlocking the car using the smartphone. The plan had been made by many car manufacturer such Mercedez Benz, BMW ,Audi and others to ensure that this future style of locking and unlocking the car will efficiently and as usual for now not all the car can use smartphone for these function however once it had been successful and efficient then we will it will become a new norm for the future car user to unlock and lock the car.

The smartphone app functionality and usability had led to many car user using them on their daily routines. However this had led to another issue as many car user getting distracted from the road due to these. The road authoritires in each country had highlightred these issue and comes up with solution of making a hefty fine and this also led to the creation of the installing a high technology camera in the road which can capture any car user that is using the smartphone while driving. This issue is similar in the past where the user whom caught talking on the smarphone without handsfree will fined hefttly.

Some of the advancement that had made our life simple will somehow be used in the car and the smartphone is one of them. The smartphone had made the car user life easier with ease of communication , wathcihg video and news, listening to music , naviagation and making other transaction. If the smartphone locking and unlcokgin the car had been successfully implemented without any hassle and difficulty hence we can say that the smartphone had been for important that ever in our life. The smarphone app usage had also seen a drawback where the car user can be distracted from the road with can led to severe consequences hence they need to overcome this also had been a key issue for the road authorities.

Although the advancement of the smartphone had been late , but the need due to function and ease of usage had become a new norm for many user especially for the car users as the function of the smartphone can be used and implemented while the car user on the go . The smartphone app truly had changed the way we are communication while on the go in our car.

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