The side mirror in the car is a useful piece of instrument or technologies that enable the driver to see in their left or right-hand side any hurdles or vehicle when they want to move from one lane to another either on the right-hand side or left-hand side. However, they are some area where the driver can’t observe, and this area is called as a blind spot. The blind spot exists in the car, trucks, and bus however in-vehicle like motorcycles or bicycle they are no blind spot. Due to this, Volvo had introduced what they called as Blind Spot Information System or in short called as BLIS and it was introduced in Volvo S80 2007 model and since then most of the Volvo car had this BLIS installed. In the Japanese automobile industries, the first company to introduce the BLIS is Mazda in their 2008 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring. Since then, the BLIS had been installed and fixed in most of their car models.

BLIS alert in a Volvo model

In 2013, Honda Motors had introduced the new Honda Accord 9th Generation (G9) and it saw another innovation in terms of the BLIS. In most of the car, they are a camera or radar installed in the side mirror and alert the drivers via a blip of light in the car side mirror. In the G9 Honda Accord to they are side mirror installed on the right-hand side of the car mirror but instead of showing a blip or alert, it will display a real-time video in the car infotainment system using the information from the car side mirror camera and this will enable the driver to get a real-time view of the hurdles on the left-hand side before switching to another lane. With this, the BLIS had been upgraded to BlindSpot Display System and Honda called it as Honda LaneWatch.

In these model G9 model where the LaneWatch had made its debut to the world

Since the debut in the 2013 Honda Accord model, the LaneWatch currently had been installed in the Honda Accord regardless of the variant and in the latest Honda CR-V regardless of the variant too unfortunately for now apart from these 2 models, this system is not installed in the other Honda model like the Civic, HR-V, and BR-V. Since the introduction, this system had become quite popular due to many reasons.

Unlike the BLIS where it will alert the driver via a blip or light in the side mirror, the Honda LaneWatch took it further by providing a real-time view of the driver blind spot. In this case, the driver can have a better picture and at the same time a real-time view of the blind spot and know what is happening on the right-hand side before switching the lane. Due to this too, the driver can make sure that they are no hurdles on his left-hand side before moving on to another lane.

The real-time view shown in the Honda LaneWatch

Since the system provides a real-time view of the driver blind spot, it can be used by Honda as a selling point as it so advanced and was not installed on the other popular luxurious car like the Lexus, Infiniti, BMW 5 and 7 Series, Mercedes Benz S Class and many more. Due to the system benefits the drivers, Honda Motors had decided to install in the all the variant of the Accord and CR-V to boost their sales for both cars. Safety features in the car are something that most car lovers will not hesitate to spend money on.

Due to the nature of the system, it works instinctively and provides no distraction for the drivers. The driver when they want to move to the left-hand side, he or she will have a view of the left-hand side before switching on the lane. In this system, the driver will still do it intuitively but instead of seeing the side mirror, the driver will see the monitor first before moving to the other lane hence it has a zero-learning curve and provides unnecessary distraction for the drivers as the system will only be activated when the driver wants to move to another lane.

However, they are some disadvantages of using this Honda LaneWatch. Unlike the BLIS where it alerts the driver on both the left and right-hand side, LaneWatch will only be activated when the driver wants to switch side to the left-hand side. It is clear disadvantages if compared to the BLIS system where it will alert the driver on both sides.

The BLIS system had become one of the important safety features like the airbag, ABS and EBD hence it is something that is unfortunate to see that only the CRV and Accord have this safety feature and not the other models. It will be a great thing if Honda Motors had decided to install this on all their models regardless of the variant.

However, the good things are Honda Motors will continue to innovate this system in the future as it becomes so popular among the car lovers. Honda Motors will definitely work on the disadvantages of the system and also let’s hope in the future all the Honda models will have the LaneWatch installed regardless of the variant as the BLIS had become one of the most important safety features in the modern-day cars

The LaneWatch is a testament to Honda Motors philosophy of making something that no other car makers had done before. Soichiro Honda the owner of the Honda Motors had laid the foundation for the Honda Motors and Honda are continuously finding a way to make a technology or an instrument that is not made in the other car and the LaneWatch born form this principle of the Honda Motors. Another innovation of the Honda Motors that had been made a buzz in the US model is the 10-speed transmission created and patented by Honda that had made it mark on the new 2018 Honda Accord and sooner it will also land in our country maybe by next year. The LaneWtahc and the 10-speed transmission will be a testament to Honda motor continuous innovation in the present and future to come.

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