The Holy Trinity where the Trinity comes forms the Latin word Trinitas where it means threefold. The Holy Trinity is famously referred in the Christian religion where it is believed by them that God is one with connubial person The Father refers to the God, the Son refer to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. However, the name Holy Trinity is not only used in the religion but in many other situations. In Louisiana, they are cuisine called as Holy Trinity were it is a cooking that consists of onions, bell pepper, and celery. When comes to the most popular sports in the world football or soccer, they are some team or player that will be deemed as the Holy Trinity too as for example Manchester United attacking trio in the 60’s with George Best, Sir Bobby Charlton, and Dennis Law is called as Holy Trinity as they are so effective and formidable during their playing days.

They are some Holy Trinity in the automobile industries and in these articles, we will see on every aspect of the automobile industries that had formed the Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity of the Supercar

Porsche 918 Spyder, Mclaren P1, Ferrari La Ferrari

Why these 3 three cars had been called as Holy Trinity of the sports car? The Porsche 918 Spyder was revealed in the Geneva Motors Shows in 2010, the Mclaren at the Paris Show in 2012 and the La Ferrari had been introduced at Geneva in 2013. This 3 car was revealed when it was predicted that the supercar will be doomed due to the financial trouble in the late 2000’s and these 3 cars had been launched with active suspension and aerodynamics, carbon fiber tub and petrol/ electric hybrid power and it was extremely fast. This car deemed as the Holy Trinity as the 3 cars had proved the prediction wrong and that car lovers still love to own supercars.

Holy Trinity of the Japanese Sportscar

Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Evo, and Nissan Skyline.

Unlike the continental car where they are many sports car in their model, Japanese automobile manufacturer does not have some array of choice when comes to the sports car. However, the name of this sportscar from Japan will give some great expression from the car lovers as the 3 car is one of the most widely known Japanese sports car in the world car. From these 3, the oldest car is the Skyline as it was started on production in 1957, while both Evo and Impreza had started production in 1992. When comes to the Japanese sportscar, these 3 cars will be first in the mind of the car lovers. Even the Nissan GT-R had its base from the Skyline.

Holy Trinity of the Car Safety

Volvo,Mercedes Benz, Jensen FF.

Now, most of the car had the basic safety and in some car model higher variant they the advanced safety system too. This is a far cry from the design of the car in the past where the safety issue is not something that is deemed as important and only after many design flaws that had led to the high number of fatal injuries and death to the drivers and passenger that the safety had been integrated into the car. When comes to the safety, the first thing that comes in mind is the car brand from Sweden Volvo, however, the Mercedes Benz to is a pioneer when comes to the safety. Even the now-defunct Jensen motors can be considered as one of the pioneers of the safety in the automobile. These 3 brands can be called as Holy Trinity of the car safety as they had created what had the becomes the foundation of the current safety where Volvo is the one who had introduced the 3-point safety belt, Mercedes Benz is the first to introduce the airbag and Jensen FF is the first car that had been fitted with the ABS.

Holy Trinity of Car Group

Toyota Motors, Volkswagen Group, General Motors.

When comes to the automobile group of companies where they are many car brands that been made under the group, then these 3 companies will be first in the mind of the car lovers. From these 3, Toyota Motors is the largest car group in the world. Volkswagen is the largest car group in Europe. In the American region meanwhile, General Motors is the biggest. These 3 companies had created some of the still loved, iconic and classic cars under their companies’ group and they can be said as the car group of companies that had many well-received car models like the Camry, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Audi, Bugatti, and many others and despite the competitive nature of the automobile industry these 3 group of companies is still going strong.

Holy Trinity of Timepiece with Automobiles

Breitling, Hublot, IWC.

The luxury watch is expensive timepieces to be owned and undoubtedly these watchmakers had to make their collaboration with the luxury car model. The collaboration is a pair that had an awesome combination. The Breitling timepieces are on the Bentley, Hublot collaboration with Ferrari had created some of the extraordinary and beautiful watch ever seen in the watch industry while the IWC had a great combination with Mercedes Benz S Class model. Although they are many watchmakers who had some great collaboration with the automobile manufacturer these 3-watchmakers are stand out among all the watchmaker when comes to the collaboration with the automobile industry.

The Holy Trinity is started from the religion of Christianity however some of us had made been awestruck by the achievement of other in their preferred choice and we deemed them as the Holy Trinity in their chosen field and when comes to the automobile industry these are 3 trinities that will continues to make the car lovers make them as their preferred choice when comes to their favourites cars.


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