Asia is the largest continent on Earth. It is also the most diversified, with the concoction of many religions, races, and cultures in one continent. Each religion and race in these continents have their own belief when comes to paranormal and mysticism. This belief had been rooted and ingrained in them in the form of a dilapidated building, royal mansion, cremation place, schools, bungalows, and haunted roads. In the Asia continent which had an amalgamation of many religion, race and cultures, they are some highway that is believed to be haunted. This haunted road is fused with their cultural belief in paranormal activities.

We can start from our famous highway where the urban legend of the highway had given birth to the Karak Malay Movie, which had successfully fused all the urban legend and the paranormal activities in a thrilling horror movie. The highway is the famous Karak Highway which had been coined as the most haunted highway in Malaysia. The highway is said to be haunted by Pontianak, which in Malay culture, the pregnant woman who cannot give birth to a child and become a vengeful soul after she passes away. It has also been said to be haunted by Nenek Kebayan(witch), which, according to Malay culture, it is a hunchback older woman with a wrinkled face.

Our neighbour in the South, Singapore, also has their haunted road, and the road is called Punggol Road. It had been declared as one of the scariest roads to travel alone in Singapore. The road is haunted because the end of the road led to Punggol Beach in Singapore with is the burial site of the gruesome Shin Chook Massacre, where hundreds of Chinese civilians had been executed during the Japanese occupation in Singapore. The late Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was lucky to escape while others perished. According to the Chinese belief in ghosts, the soul that had passed away due to unnatural death like the one executed in the massacre is called “Yuan Gui”.  Due to these massacres, the road had some sinister environment during night time which made it haunted.

Meanwhile, our neighbour in Thailand has their haunted road and their urban legend or local belief stories behind it. The road is called Chak Phra Road. According to the local belief, the road is said to be haunted by a pregnant woman called “Phi Yai Wan” ( the ghost of Ms Wan).  The local woman is believed to have been killed by her husband. Since then, her soul is believed to haunt the road, which makes the taxi drivers, and Tuk-tuk drivers scared to use the road after sunset.

They are another haunted road that had been adopted as a horror movie in Indonesia. The Indonesia movie is Terowong Casablanca which is based on the Casablance Tunnel in Indonesia, called the most haunted road in Indonesia. The base of the tunnel construction is said to build on the mass grave site in Indonesia. Like Karak Highway, they are many gory stories behind the road. It is believed a pregnant woman had been killed and buried in the tunnel. It is also said to be haunted by Pontianak, a woman who had been raped and killed by a group of criminals before the road was built. It is also haunted by a hanged man in the entrance, seen on the full moon.  

In one of the biggest countries in Asia, India also has its haunted highway and the story behind it. The road is the Delhi Cantonment Road located in New Delhi. According to Indian culture, the ghost is called “boot” in the Sanskrit language, and the road is said to be haunted by a woman clad in a white saree. The woman is believed to be standing on the roadside and asking for a lift, and if the driver had denied it, the woman is believed to be able to follow the speeding car at an abnormal speed.

Some of the haunted roads do not come from local beliefs but the true gruesome murder stories. The gruesome murder is the Hello Kity murder which happened in 1999. The murder happened when a nightclub hostess was abducted and tortured in an apartment in Tsim Sha Shui, Hong Kong. The girl is the 17 years old Fan Man-yee, who was raped, tortured for 3 consecutive days before she was murdered. Her body was decapitated, and her skull was placed inside the Hello Kity doll. The apartment had been demolished in 2012, but the spirit of a deceased tortured girl is wandering around the location. The haunted road is 31 Granville Road.

The neighbour of China, Taiwan, had the Bei-Yi Highway as their most haunted road. The highway is the most accident-prone highway due to its narrow and curvy nature. Many people perished on these highways, and many wounded spirits had been wandering around these roads. The ghost money had been scattered around this highway to appease the wounded soul and prevent them from disturbing the driver’s journey, and the scattered ghost money or joss money had been a common sight for those using this highway.  

The haunted road in the Asia continent had some gruesome stories behind it. Murder, torture, burial site, and accident had become the foundation for the haunted road to get its name.  The haunted road was also associated with the locals’ cultural beliefs in each country where the road is located. From the Pontianak, which is rooted in Malay culture, Bhoot in Indian culture, and the ghost of restless soul in the Chinese and the ghost of pregnant women in Thailand local belief. Some haunted road stories had been so popular that they had been made to a movie like Casablance Tunnel and Karak Highway, where all the urban legends stories had been fused on the screen. The haunted road in Asia is fascinatingly diversified on the local belief combined with spine chilling stories behind it.



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