Unlike smoking and drinking alcohol, where the danger of the addiction will be engraved in the package, and more awareness created for both of these bad habits, however, the severity of the addiction is more diminutive than gambling. Although there is some death caused by alcohol and cigarette, in terms of crippling a person mentally to an extreme level, gambling is one of the addictions that need some awareness like alcohol and cigarette. Gambling addiction is contradictory when it comes to promoting it, as the advertisement shows that the individual is happy and winning a large amount of money. Still, in reality, it is a habit that will suck the individual integrity and self-esteem and elicit them to make a drastic decision to take their life by committing suicide.

How these habits with can debilitate a person mentally will start? Curiosity and eagerness to try gambling at least once are sows of the seeds that will become calamitous habits. Many people tried gambling once with the excessive advertisement and viral messaging in the smartphone is the reason behind these. The viral messaging or online advertising about gambling will stimulate eagerness by displaying a “bonus 5%” on their first deposit. The person who tried this once will think that he will not have enormous losses as his betting stakes are small.  

The first trap for someone to be dependent on gambling is their first win on gambling. This win is the first substantial trap for the person. The first win will trigger his dopamine, a hormone triggered by the brain as a reward system. These also will trigger the person’s instant gratification emotion. The first win of any amount in gambling is a severe trap for any person. This situation will trigger his rewards system and make him obsessive with instant gratification.

With these first wins, he will be happy as his dopamine the rewards system had been triggered, and if the amount is significant enough, the person can buy his favorite items that he craves for so long, which will again start his need to gambling. Although not all people can be addicted, some people can become so obsessive and get addicted quickly. The gambling system had some complex and complicated algorithms, which will make the house win often.

The confinement for the habit had started for the individual who had his first big win in the gambling. The individual instant gratification emotion had aroused, and he will become a  frequent gambler and started to deposit an enormous amount in the gambling system. However, his big win will not happen this time, and he will soon encounter significant losses. The complex gambling algorithm does make the house win in any situation; furthermore, it also activates a case called a “near miss” wherein the person can miss a high combination of sequences in the slot game. They will also see near misses in the roulette game when the roulette ball landed beside his big betting numbers.

The first activation of gambling addiction is the big win, and now since the individual has encountered significant losses, he will proceed to succumb to another dangerous circumstance called “chasing the big losses.” Since he had experienced extensive losses, he will try to play the game repeatedly to cover up his losses or win big again to diminish his previous failures. In some instances, the individual will regain his losses, and to gain supremacy against the gambling system, he will try again to have a big win. While playing, if he had encountered the near-miss often in the gambling system, it would elicit his desire that his next big win is coming. However, this will be no benefit as it is a trap by the system to make the gambler capitulates completely by losing more money.

The significant losses will again arouse his reward system and instant gratification, and later, he will again surrender to his need to gamble. To make his significant losses reticent, he will start telling lies to his loved ones and friends, making him lose his integrity. When he had capitulated to the gambling emotion, he would lose his self-esteem as directly the system had a massive hold on his feeling. Furthermore, some gamblers will embezzle some money from their workplace and start to use their savings or other significant cash. In some cases, if he had won, he would escape from these immoral behaviors. However, this will activate thrill emotion; now, the gambler will play for the thrill instead of chasing a significant loss or getting even with the system. His losses can be more considerable, and the addiction will take over him entirely. He will ruminate about the loss of money and the joy of playing gambling, making him commit more embezzlement and more lies to cover up his devastating addiction.

Now he had become a slave to the system. Now even a big win would not wane his thrill of gambling as now it had become a false thrill embedded in his emotion and will make him commit more behaviors that will cripple his integrity together with his self-esteem. He will become an untrustworthy person among his family and friends. Some family and friends’ relations had been ruined due to the gambler’s obsession with the gambling system, and this will, instead of reducing him to gamble, will make him surrender to gambling as a way to relive his sadness. However, by submitting to the gambling system and emotion, he will be incapacitated emotionally and fall into severe depression.  

In these situations, to cover up with the excessive sadness fusing with severe depression and covering from embarrassment if he had been caught with the misappropriation of money, he will decide to take his life by committing suicide. In some gruesome cases, the gambler will kill his family and proceed to take his own life. A habit that started from the big win will soon escalate to chasing significant losses and activating his reward system. His instant gratification will make the gamblers weaken emotionally, making him commit the gruesome act of suicide—fortunately, some of them fully recovered and escaped from these addictions. DO NOT FALL FOR THE GAMBLING HABITS AS IT IS A HABIT THAT IS MALICIOUS AND MURDEROUS.   



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