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They are some 3 bad habits that usually be associated with the common man and that is smoking, drinking alcohol and gambling. Some can have all these 3 bad habits together, some can have only either one of them and some may not have these bad habits at all. Some of the bad habits can be started in the teenage years and even in the child. Some will be late and will start these habits when had reached the adulthood.  They are some person who had successfully quit these bad habits, and some fail in it and become addicted to this bad habits until their end.

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits

In term of the severity of these bad habits, alcohol can be said as less severe if the user does not drink and drive or does not mix the alcohol with any drugs as alcohol does not have addictive substances in it. The cigarette shockingly can be said as a medium even though it is the number one contributor to heart attack and cancer as cigarette had an addictive substance in it that is called as nicotine. This is the main reason that smoker is having difficulties to quit these habits as the nicotine is known to be one of the most addictive drugs after caffeine. In term of the high severity or effect gamble is number 1 as it can cause the person to be in the depressed mood, loss of consciousness, destroy his life altogether, and finally, in some extreme cases, the person whom unable to get out from this habit can take his life by suicide or murder-suicide.

Even they are some rumors that had been said the First World Hotel in Genting Highlands is haunted due to many of the customers had commit suicide in these hotels due to severe financial loss because of gambling. The first thing that had led to first time gambler to be addictive and what is deemed to be the worst thing that can happen is winning big when they gamble for the first time. Due to this what will happen once the car lovers who had been addictive to gamble driving his car?

First World Hotel in Genting had been said as the most haunted hotel in the world

Gamble can totally spoil the mood of the car lovers. The car lovers who had been addictive to the gamble habits can have a downward spiral mood change where he can change from being so happy to be so sad, angry and depressed. A gambler that had lost the money will likely play again to recover back the lost and although some can recover back the money most of the gambler will have a bigger loses and at the end being deprived of their financial abilities.

When they had car lovers who had been addicted loses he will have terrible emotion changes but if he had won big things then things will be much worse than this. The car lovers who had been addicted to gamblers will envy his win and studies had shown that the gambler who had won will have high impulse feeling that is far better than sex. But they are one thing that will make the car lovers life more miserable as they will become dependent on the gambling as they believe that it can save them from the financial difficulties which far from the actual truth.

Gambling addiction can shatter a person emotion

For the car lovers that had been addicted to gambling habits, it can also create another change in their character and that is stealing from their spouses, family, friends, and form their working places. This will cause the gambler to become dishonest to feed their notorious gambling habits that in the end will destroy their integrity. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to the prison of the gambler because of stealing money.

The car lovers who had been gambling addict also can have some damaged relations among his family, children, friends, and his colleague. The car lovers who had been addicted to gambling will be tried to feed his gambling by borrowing from his trusted one or his loved one but at the end due to the losses he is unable to recover the money and hence destroy the relationship of the gambler altogether which at the end will lead him to a great depression and losing his peace of mind.

The gambler who had incurred great losses will tend to feed his gambling by going into the debt by borrowing from the bank via personal loan or in the life-threatening situation from the illegal moneylender or loan shark. This will destroy his financial expenditure altogether. The gambler may have great financial ability before the gamble addiction destroys him altogether. We had heard in the news or in the social media that gambler had lost nearly million, lost his companies, being a fugitive to hide from the loan sharks, and finally losing his self-confidence too. This again will put the gambler in the horrible situation that can turn to be worse than a nightmare for him and will make his life far worse than a living hell.

When in the beginning of this article, I had said the cigarette is medium even though it can contribute to heart attack and trigger the cancer cell in our body because if compared to gamble addiction, cigarette does not damage the user financial abilities severely like gambling, making the user become a dishonest person that can end him up in the prison like the gambling, or make the person commit suicide. The cigarette does not make that, but gambling does. We had seen in the social media, television, and in the YouTube about the damage that cigarette but less about the severity of the gambling addiction where in truth it is far more damaging as it can shatter the gambler mental and physical altogether.

The gambling had been promoted as something that is fun or enjoyable where in truth it not fun at all. We can see in the casino that most of them will be in the very unpleasant mood as they are losing their money and chasing back their lost money. Gamble addiction is a most severe addiction for the common person that including the car lovers hence to quit gambling is the most important day for the gamblers and once he had decided to quit he is making a great decision in his life as he will escape the emotional shattering and physical damaging experience that gamble does to him


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