Since the launch of the mobile operating system in the form of Android and IOS, they also had given many developers the chance to create a separate application for the mobile phone that is stored in the PlayStore for Android and the App Store for IOS. With the developers hard working it had led to the creation of apps like WhatsApp, Waze, Instagram, Snapchats and much more. Even some of the Google Products like YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive and famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more also have their own mobile phone app. The creation of this app had led to exchanging information, money transaction, saving data to cloud computing, playing the game, photo editor and much more all can be done on the mobile phone and this is one of the reasons that mobile phone now had been called as a smartphone.

Taking advantages of this, an auto detailing brand from Japan called as G Guard had launched an app called as G Guard App for auto detailing, the world first auto detailing app. G Guard auto detailing was first established over in JapanĀ 1994 and today there are more than 40 outlets throughout Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok, Singapore, Korea and China and to be different and to attract more user G Guard had launched their new G Guard app on 21st July 2017.

How can the G Guard app help the company and the user in enhancing their business profile? The G Guard App allows you to book various services provided at any G Guard service center and dealer in Malaysia of your choice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the App, the user can confirm available dates, times and select required type of service and transport options all directly from the smartphone. There is no need to drive or call to any G Guard center and find out that the available time slot.

Now how to use the app? The user must download the app from the App Store if the user using IOS and from the PlayStore if the user is using Android based phone. Upon download, the user must register for the app and register the car number, brand and model name. The easiest way is using the Login via Facebook option and upon successful registration, the app will prompt the user to enter the phone number to receive the confirmation code. Once the confirmation code had been received and successfully keyed in by the user, he or she is registered to the app.

In the app, it has the option of Branch, Product, Promotion, Newsfeed, User Profile, Rewards, Record of Booking and the Status. In the Branch, it will display the number of branches that are available for the G Guard and in total, they are 7 branches altogether. Upon clicking on the branch, the app will display 3 option, one is Call, Direction, and Message. The number displayed in the Call and the Message is the number of the branch manager. In this menu, the user can choose to make a booking based on their preference from the coating, to the 3 in the deal, windscreen protector and much more. The user can choose the branch and the date. The car information will be based on the what the user stored in during the registration. Once the booking had been made, the price will be displayed and the user needs to pay the 30% deposit using their credit card or debit card. The user can also key in the referral code for the discount and the price will be displayed accordingly after the deduction.

The booking then will be displayed in the Booking menu on the side and the status of the booking from the arrival to the user in the branch until the completion of the booking will be displayed in the Status tab.

For any latest news that is available about G Guard or car coating in general, the user can view it via the NewsFeed in the app. In simple term, the G Guard is user-friendly with an intuitive navigation system on the mobile phone. All the necessary information had been stored in the mobile app hence make the user comfortable and had zero learning curve.

As per mentioned above, since the launch of a separate mobile operating system in form of Android and IOS, they also led to the creation of the app. The app whether directly or indirectly had changed our life forever and due to this G Guard also had launched their app for car auto detailing, the first of the kind in the South-East Asia. For more info on the G Guard, the user can contact the details as per below

Name: Andy Koh

Contact Number: (60)12 210 1400

Email: gguardcoating@gmail.com

Website: http://www.gguard.com.my/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gguardmalaysia

If had become successful then expect many other autos detailing center to launch this app hence making it easier for the user to make a booking, and also be informed with regards to the latest news about the car coating, rewards, and any promotion all in their fingertips. The car auto detailing app is a thing that may become a norm in the South-East Asia as many of us loved the car coating that makes our car looks shinier and more beautiful hence this app will be the predecessor for the other auto detailing app in the future to come.

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