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What is friction? In a scientific term, friction means the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other. In antiquity times, friction was the reason humans had made some pivotal inventions. Friction had led to the creation of fire, the wheel, sharpening the knife, and furthermore. The friction force does bring some vital creation that had been pivotal in the contemporary era. Despite that, some friction was also known to increase the wear and tear of metal parts, limiting the machine’s full potential and decreasing the lifetime of a metal component.

One of the significant parts of the automotive industry had been subject to consistent friction. The parts are non-other than the car engine. The engine can be life and death for a vehicle as any desecration and deformation of the engine will lead to a severe blemish to the driving experience and increase the maintenance monetary cost. The engine friction happens within various moving parts from the crankshaft, piston, camshaft, valve, and gear train. The metal friction occurs when the combination of fuel and air exerts pressure on the piston and pushes the piston down and upwards. These movements led to metal-to-metal friction in the car engine.

This type of friction is called internal friction and is the force resisting motion between the elements making up solid material. Suppose the automobile owners do not take any precautions to lessen the friction. In that case, the lifespan of the car engine can be shorter. To a great degree, the performance will deteriorate to severe conditions, which can be detrimental to the driving experience and the increased monetary cost of overhauling or repairing the engine. Due to these, many car engine oil makers have consumed many hours of research and development to reduce these performance reductions for a vehicle. The solution they come up with is to fight the internal friction with the lubrication friction.

Various engine oil makers such as Castrol, Liqui Molly, Total, Ravenol, and various others had created an oil that can reduce or diminish the engine’s internal friction. Their top-tier lubricant has an additive that is strong enough to withstand the engine’s internal friction. The engine oil makers had used specific additives to combat this internal friction. Common additives such as Titanium Fluid, ceramic coating, boron-based chemicals, proprietary additives, zinc, and various others have been used to strengthen the lubrication friction.

Castrol and Kendall engine oil use the titanium fluid on their signature engine oil, while Ravenol uses boron-based chemical, and Liqui Moly uses a ceramic coating. Uniquely for Liqui Moly, they are a special product called Ceratec, an additive specifically to reduce the internal friction in the engine. They had advertised that the specially made ceramic coating product would combat the internal friction in the engine for 50,000km. The Ceratec can be said as one of Liqui Moly’s most sought products.

What are the benefits of lubrication friction? The lubrication will serve as a fluid to separate the metal-to-metal contact. In this case, the lubrication inside the engine will prevent the internal friction of the car engine. The immediate difference noticeable when the lubrication friction does its job properly is that the car will be lighter or effortless as less pressure needs to be exerted on the accelerator. The lighter and to a certain degree near-effortless drive will be noticed in the car odometer as the meters can quickly jump to the highest rpm.

As friction reduction lubrication does have many advantages, friction reduction also has its demerits. The friction reduction lubrication additive will be added to the car engine oil makers’ high-end or premium products in the automobile workshop and any online market. The high range engine oil price will be on the higher side and can be sustained until 10,000km. Due to the high cost and the interval that does not commensurate with the price, some automobile lovers prefer to use mid-range engine oil, which commonly does not have excellent friction reduction capabilities.

Some ardent car fans will use the engine friction reducer additive like the Liqui Moly Ceratec. In layman’s terms, the cost of adding the mid-range engine with the engine friction reducer additive is nearly the same as the friction reducer engine oil. Some of the best engine oil that reduces engine friction are Castrol Edge, Liqui Moly Molygen and Top Tec, Amsoil Signature Series, Total Quartz, etc. The engine oil with the excellent friction reducer additive will typically be sold as the engine oil maker’s signature or premium products. In reality, the mid-range and the entry-level engine oil also have friction reducers, but it will not be a top-notch friction reducer like the premium or signature products.

In the Castrol Edge advertisement uploaded on Youtube, they claimed that the only thing that hinders the metal-to-metal contact in the engine is the oil. They are veracity in the claim. The oil is the only thing that separates the metal to metal contact in the engine, which makes the engine oil makers provide the best additive in their premium product and significantly lessens the friction. The additive proves to be stellar; in simple terms, it can be said that the internal friction will be replaced by lubrication friction. The lubrication friction designed expertly by the oil maker will unlock the full capabilities and reduce the fuel consumption, simultaneously a ride that is impeccable in terms of smoothness.

Due to these some zealous car lovers will not hesitate to spend some amount on pouring the friction reduction engine oil. They do deduce that this engine oil will be the finest to their beloved car engine which can boost their driving experience together keeping their engine life longer and intact without any extreme wear and tear due to metal to metal friction. The car engine is one of the essentially built parts for the vehicle which can bring the best driving experience if it is well maintained or provide an imperfection driving experience if any blemish occurs.


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