Proton first SUV Boyue

When Geely Motors had owned our own Proton, they are some backlash and negative feedback from our masses as they had proclaimed that Proton had lost his soul and identity and again when Geely Motors had announced that they will give  some discount for the Members of Chinese guilds under the Federation of Hokkien Associations of Malaysia all hell broke lost as Geely was accused of racism in our country and some opportunist had politicized this. Foreign ownership or foreign manager in a national car of any country will always create an undesirable backlash and some negative talks among the masses but when looking on the business perceptive the foreign ownership or management will be seen as one of the best solutions for any crisis or debt-ridden company that includes the automobiles company.

With Geely Motors ownership of Proton, they had joined some other automobile manufacturer who had been owned by a foreigner or lead by a foreign manager. We will start with the British made car Jaguar and Land Rover. Jaguar Land Rover was founded in 1935 and with the headquarter in Whitley, Coventry it had some unique distinction as it holds a royal warrant for the English monarchies ruler of Queen Elizabeth 2 and Prince Charles. These company although a British car maker but it was owned by Ford Motors previously before it had been sold to Tata Motors on 2008. Results of this ownership, Jaguar Land Rovers had again been a popular choice for the car lovers and with the introduction of Jaguar F-Pace Jaguar first-ever SUV, Tata Motors is making a better future for Jaguar and Land Rover brand for now.

Jaguar first SUV F-Pace

When come to safety philosophies, the Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo will instantly be on the mind of our car lovers as it is the car manufacturer that had designed many of the modern necessity safety features like airbags, BLIS, autonomous braking system, 3 point seatbelts, a body structure that is heavy in nature, great stability and many more that had become the hallmark of Volvo. Again, it was acquired by Ford Motors and again similar fate to Jaguar, it had been sold to another foreign ownership and they are nonother that Geely Motors in 2009. The results of this ownership, for now, Volvo had still retained that safety philosophies but with the better and beautiful interior than before which also include their current hybrid car model the XC90 SUV. Volvo had increased their sales and had found a new loyal follower when they had abandoned their box-shaped design and become more futuristic.


Another England car maker Rolls Royce and Bentley which headquarters in Goodwood and Crewe respectively. It was unique in term of production as most of their car were handmade and required less or zero robotic assistant. Both of this maker is not owned by an England car maker but by a German automobile manufacturer. Rolls Royce apparently is owned by BMW Motors and Bentley was owned by Volkswagen Group. Under their German ownership, the traditional way of designing the car was not abandoned by either of them but with the addition of the German technologies in the car and with a clever marketing, both Rolls Royce and Bentley who brand name had been forgotten in the past had now risen to become the ultimate choice for the ultra-luxury car around the world. The sales had increased significantly since the ownership and with both of these cars created an SUV in their ranks now, the thing will presumably better for both of this car. Like Volvo for safety, the Rolls Royce and Bentley had become the first choice for the ultra-luxury car for the car lovers.

Japan is a country that had a strong philosophy in their way of working and very strict in their tradition. Even in the automotive industry for Japanese, it must be led by a Japanese and not by a foreigner. When Nissan Motors is nearing bankruptcy in 1999, it had formed an alliance with Renault Motors and the results of it, for the first time in Japan automobile industry a foreigner had been chosen as the CEO and enter Charles Ghosn in the picture. It had created quite a stir and enormous backlash among the traditionalist in Japan. Charles Ghosn with the strong character and great persistence had made a great turn around for Nissan Motors where it had seen profit again and it had been acknowledged as one of the spectacular turnarounds in the corporate industries. His achievement had been acknowledged by the Japanese government and he had been awarded the Japan Medal with Blue Ribbon in 2004.

They are many other companies like Lamborghini, Skoda, SEAT, and Buggati who had foreign ownership were presently all this car manufacturer under the Volkswagen Group of Companies. Under Volkswagen management, Bugatti had risen up again when the Bugatti Veyron was launched where it was acknowledged as one of the most popular, fastest, and most expensive sports car in the world. The fortune and brand of Bugatti had been turned around thanks to Volkswagen. Similarly, SEAT, Lamborghini, and Skoda also had risen to become of the best brand again under the Volkswagen Group management.

Now, back to Geely Motors ownership with Proton, we had witnessed for the first time ever that Proton had released an SUV in their rank that will be launched in this year. A good sign indeed. The foreign ownership also may revitalize Proton back with a different style of working and removal of the deadwood in the company. The foreign ownership or manager  in an automobiles is a prestige issue and it will not wrong to say that it is also a sense of nationalism and pride for the country however when the business profit and loss is taken into consideration many , some of the automobiles had risen again from their loss and some forgotten car brand had been revitalized again under this foreign ownership hence the foreign ownership may be a thing that will affect the pride but when it comes to the making money or preventing from losses or to revitalized some car brand foreign ownership can be a great thing the car manufacturer .

Proton first SUV Boyue




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