Ford Motors founded by Henry Ford is one of the popular car manufacturers in the world that comes from the United States. Their model likes the Fiesta, Mondeo, the pickup truck Ranger and the newly launched Ford Mustang had been one of a hot seller car in our country. Distributed by Sime Darby Motors Ford also had created his own loyal followers in our country. Why had Ford car become so popular in our country? It is due to the performance, near perfect stability even in the high speed, and the cheapest full specification continental car in our country.

Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motors

However, owning a Ford car can be a nightmare for the car lovers in our country. First, getting an appointment to service the car in the Ford service centre can be a tough case for the Ford owners as the service centre will most of the time will like to say it is fully booked and this can be a troublesome issue for some especially if the car still under the free service and under warranty. With more Ford service center in our country and at the sometimes where the Ford service center had been equaled to Volkswagen Service Centre in term of the availability of the service center for a continental car that is priced below RM200,000 is absolutely troublesome for the car lovers.

For all the pros about the Ford car that had been mentioned in the article on the beginning, they are one thing that can’t be associated with Ford especially the sedan where it does not have a quite decent rear legroom. Ford had designed a big and wide seat in the rear for the back passenger but unfortunately, it had made the legroom smaller hence for the high price that had been charged the amount of the legroom is less.

Maintenance of the Ford car can be a high expenditure too. The Ford car had a complicated design that only the Ford Specialist and the service center was able to do it as each of the car systems is fully computerized and if any issue happens prepared to pay some big amount for the problem to be resolved especially if the car warranty had been expired. For example, a change of the engine mounting can cost around RM1000 and for any problem related to the air conditioner well it can cost more than RM2000.

Getting a spare part for the car is another troublesome issue in our country. Where the continental car like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and even Volvo the spare part can be easily purchased on the outside, the chances to get the Ford spare part is near zero as the spare part is not sold by the outside spare parts distributor and mechanics. Ford had their own spare part called as Motorcraft and it is not available in the outside spare part shop or mechanics as it is only available in the service center and the prices that need to be paid for the Motorcraft Ford part is quite expensive. The changes of the brake pad for all the disc can cost roughly more than RM1500 and above subject to the car model. The car lovers can put other part but unfortunately, it will not work as long and as durable like the Motorcraft brand spare parts.

Motorcraft brake pad

Current Ford car does not have the dual clutch transmission that is called as PowerShift. The transmission may provide a great performance but it also prone to vibration and judder especially in the low gear and worst of all it is also prone to transmission broke down. Fortunately, Ford had decided to abandon the dual clutch transmission in their car sold presently. If the car lovers had encountered any problem with the dual clutch transmission well the warranty can be used to resolve the issue, but the car must be in the service center for several days before the issue can be resolved.

For all the cons of the Ford, they are some pros on using Ford car in our country. As per mentioned earlier apart from Ford Mustang, most of the Ford car that is sold in our country is priced well below RM200,000 and Sime Darby had decided to provide a great specification to the consumer with the car prices. The Ford is still one of the cheapest full specification continental cars that are sold in our country.

The ride in the Ford can be quite an exhilarating ride as the car that had some near perfect stability, especially when driving in the high speed and when taking a sharp corner. Before Volkswagen Passat B8 came in the picture with 3 variants in the year 2017, only Ford has provided a great specification at a price below RM200,000 for a continental car. And when talking about Powershift problem, they are one thing that can’t be denied is that they also provide a fast shifting and a smooth exhilarating ride that only exceeded by the super-fast shifting DSG by Volkswagen in this price range.

Owning a Ford car can be quite good experience or absolute nightmare for the car lovers in our country. Depends on the car lovers whom willing to pay for a high price in the maintenance department in order to get the renowned Ford stability and great performance or for some car lover whom will have a nightmare in paying the high price for the maintenance of the Ford, in the end it is still on the car lovers preference.

Although Ford is not one of the commonly used continental cars in our country unlike Volkswagen it is still the car that can give the user a great experience and excellent specification for the price that is below that RM200,000. The user can also purchase a Japanese car in this price range but in the term of the ride, performance and stability Ford car is second to none in this price range hence this is one of the reasons on why some car lovers choose Ford as their preferred choice car and expect the number of Ford user to rise in the near future.




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