Time will not return or go backward hence time is the most unforgivable thing and the perfect thing to erase any bad memory. Similarly, like time, accident too will is unforgivable as it can happen at any time, any age, or in any situation. One of worst kind of an accident that can happen is when a thing is caught on fire especially during our driving time. In a company or in any building they will be a fire extinguisher as a safety requirement however the same fire extinguisher can’t be practical while we are driving in the car. It is big and impractical to be stored in the car. Due to this, a company called as Flamoff had introduced 2 simple, portable and most importantly efficient product to stop fire while we are in the car or when we had encountered in the fire situation.

The Flamoff had introduced 2 product that is called as Flamoff Spritz which is a basically a portable yet simple fire extinguisher and another simple and efficient way is the Flamoff throw where the liquid which contains water and some proprietary ingredients can extinguish the fire by throwing this liquid right into it. Unlike the fire extinguisher in the company where it is big and it more than adequate in an organization some fire extinguisher can’t be used in the vehicle hence the Flamoff had come with this simple yet efficient way of extinguishing the fire. The video below shows on the efficiency of the tools in eliminating the fire.

How the Flamoff can help the car lovers and what is the benefits of the tools for the car lovers?

The fire extinguisher in the company may not be an easy access for all of them. For a person who had a muscle pain, female, or some whom may not have the required strength carrying the fire extinguisher it can’t be a difficult task but the Flamoff is a different thing altogether. Due to this size, it is lighter, and anyone can carry it with them and use it easily to eliminates the fire.The video below highlights the power of the tools

The water and proprietary ingredients used in these tools are eco-friendly and do not harms the environment. They are some fire extinguisher which may contain some harm to the environment and with the Flamoff tools, it is eco-friendly and portable to be used at any time in any situation making a great combination as a perfect fire extinguisher tools on the go.

The Flamoff is like the current mobile phone which had transformed to smartphone due to the multitasking ability. Gone is the day where the phone is large and had the least function if compared to the current phone. The current phone had shrunk in the size and become so powerful that many things can be done on the go. Similarly, the Flamoff tool even though it is small, but it is a powerful tool to extinguish the fire based on the video below.

The Flamoff tools due to his size and the portable of it can be stored in any situation and easily accessible. Unlike the fire extinguisher which needs to be fixed in a special place and may not be easily accessible the Flamoff tools can be stored in the car glove box compartment and can be accessed by the driver or the passenger in the situation.

The Flamoff again have the advantage where it can be used in any vehicle ranging from the 2-wheeler motorcycle to heavy trunk. Due to the size and the portability, it is a powerful yet efficient fire extinguisher on the go while the user is driving. The simple yet efficient design of the Flamoff can be used in the motorcycle and it will be a great tool for them to bring along.

These simple, portable and efficient tools had one con where it is still not popular enough among the masses and I am taking this opportunity to highlight the advantage of having this portable Flamoff tools. We had seen many things that had been created for our traveling or on the go usage such as the smartphone, live results, portable navigational tools, an app which can help to transfer money or to make remittance on the go and many other tools.

Which the increased usage of the on the go tools and product, having a portable and powerful fire extinguisher tools can be life-saving moments for us if we had encountered this type of situation. Apart from the first aid kit that we can use on the go, the fire extinguisher that is on the go it something that is really deemed worthy.

A fire extinguisher on the go is what the Flamoff tools is all about and it will  be a great tool for the car lovers to have when they are travelling for vacation or camping as the fire incident can happen anywhere, anytime and in any situation and once it happened the results can be deadly and life threating for the user.

For the car lovers who are interested in having this light, portable, fire extinguisher tools please proceed to contact our site at dhina82@gmail.com for more information about the tools. For those who had this tools, it will a great precaution and also a great fire protection tools while the car lovers in the on the go at any time, any situation and in anyplaces.

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