A sports car is an epitome of the automobile industry of fast and furious and at the same time stable performance. The sports car brand is somewhat iconic such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan GTR, Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda, and Porche. In the future maybe the Tesla electric sports car will be iconic or maybe some new brand.

This type of car is built for awesome acceleration had a typical design, unlike the conventional sedan car. A short body and big tire with 2 doors and with back engine except for Nissan GTR where the engine is at the front line like a conventional car. This car is usually not for mass production except Nissan GTR where it becomes the first sports car to make mass production. With the figure like 0-100 within less than 3 seconds and coefficient drag, the sports car is made for speed for someone who needs for speed.

The sports car brand is famous worldwide for the logo, reputation, and performance that it delivers. Since the design of the car is for the fast ride it also incorporated many safety features such as special made brake, special stability, airbag, and big tire for more grip in the wet and dry situation. With the car is driven at such high speed they are a necessity to stop the car as fast as possible when they need is arise to ensure the driver is safe in the car.

The sports car also made many innovations such as Buggati Veyron where it had built a W – 16 engine where 2 V – 8 engines fixed together as W and also a rear wind back to stop the car while braking as fast as possible as it will also work like an airbrake. Ferrari meanwhile had also made a drastic change to their model Ferrari FF where these sports car is more like an SUV than the normal design where a small body and big tire. Nissan also made the GTR with the front engine where it is a first of the kind for the sports car where most the engine is back for weight distribution and also the body is inspired by the Japanese fictional robot character the Gundam.

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The sports car design also is unlike the conventional car where the design is quite unique and attractive to make users fall in love with the car at first sight. Even some who do have small pockets will love the sports car design in the first place.

For all the power the sports cars price in Malaysia is very expensive due to our car tax system. The price of the sports car in Malaysia can be RM1 million and with the road tax that can range from 10k to 30k and can go higher if the car is registered under the company due to higher cc. The sports car, unlike the conventional car, have a high cc where a typical sports car may start at 4.0 cc to 6.6 ccs or even higher. The price is equivalent to the price of a bungalow or semi d house in Malaysia. With the high depreciation value that led to low resale value, the car is definitely will make some think twice to buy it.

For all the power of the car, it is not suitable to drive on our national highway due to the speed limit and newly installed AES. With our road that is jam even at the normal hour and during the peak hours or the Balik kampung for our Malay friend who celebrating Hari Raya Puasa, they are definitely less opportunity to push the car to the limit without breaking the speed limit unlike in Europe where they are Autobahn where the driver can push the car to the limit and feel the adrenalin rush due to no speed limit.

The sports car is also not a family-friendly car due to space for only 2 spaces and with the cramp back seat. This car is not made for the family but only for the adrenalin junkies. Maybe it common but in our country, most of them like to enjoy the vacation with their family and friends and this car may not suit our culture.

With all the burning that we hear in the news where the car is getting burned in the fire, it may be not suited to our climate unlike in Europe where it is cooler compared to our Asian Climate. This has led to a bad reputation on this car where some may make it as a mockery to say that even Proton will not burn but the million-dollar car had been burnt to ashes. Quite funny but they are some truth in it.

The maintenance and the spare parts for these cars will be astronomical. Imagine that even to change the mudguard for Ferrari will cost RM15,000 and even to change the tire it can cost RM5,000 to one tire with a low mileage where the tire needs to changed less than 20000km. If the driver had a Buggati Veyron the tire of the car is specially made and can only stand for 10000km and it may cost nearly RM20K to change the tire. If some spare parts are needed to be imported than prepare to break the bank account.

For all these cons some with the rich and unlimited money will prefer to buy this as a long ambition to own one. For us, if we are in the same situation we also may want to own the sports car as it can make some dreams come true. This also brings prestige and reflects the owner’s status if he or she owns a sports car. They can give some bad impression as we can reflect the owner is making some illegal business to buy this car but some or most of them have worked hard to earn their status and this will bring the satisfaction that finally they had own this.

In the essence, the sports car manufacturer will continue to innovate or break the normal method or create a new one to stay ahead with their competitor and also to provide the user the best adrenalin rush experience. A sports car is designed for speed for someone who requires speed.

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