They are several types of passenger vehicles that can be the ultimate choice for the car lovers one is the sedan, current in trend SUV, the ever-sexy looking hatchback car, the minivan, the MPV, or maybe the sedan or SUV that have a hybrid powertrain. This is the common choice for the car lovers however for those who prefer the adrenaline rush while driving, great performance behind the wheel, status symbol, brand name then they are the sports car. They are many sports cars that will be the favorites of the car lovers like the Buggati Veyron, Nissan GTR, Pagani Zonda, Porsche sports car, Mercedez Benz sports car, BMW Z series and many more in the markets. However, they are 2 names that will be stand out when comes to the sports car and both brands come from Italy and they are Ferrari and Lamborghini.

When comes to both of this car, they are some similarities and some innovation from both that had become the standard of the sports car in the automobile industries. First, we look at the history of the car where both car brand names come from the founder name where Ferrari named after their founder Enzo Ferrari and Lamborghini after Ferruccio Lamborghini. The start of Lamborghini is quite interesting as it started with the arguments of the Ferrari bad after sales services according to ever demanding Ferruccio who had some dislikes for the Maserati too another Italian car maker. After his numerous and feedback was not entertained by Ferrari even after he had taken this matter to the Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio had successfully modified Ferrari 250GT that he bought and outperformed the stock model, then only Ferruccio had the ambition to create the ultimate sports car and from this, the Lamborghini sports car is born.

On the left Enzo Ferrari and on the right Ferruccio Lamborghini

When Ferrari started it is an evolution in the sports car, however, Lamborghini had taken to another level in term of the design of the sports car as they are the one who had introduced the rear wheel drive, and the sports car design that had become the industries standard for most of the sports cars. Only Nissan GTR had taken a different approach in the design of their sport however apart from them most of sports car design is similar which a change in the powertrain and the interior.

Ferrari and Lamborghini not only shared the similarity of the car named after the founder but also on the logo. Both using the animal as the vehicle logo where Ferrari is using the horse while Lamborghini using the bull picture. Each animal logo had a meaning to it where the horse in Ferrari logo refer to the Prancing Horse or in Italy it is called as Cavallino Rampante where Enzo Ferrari under the recommendation from the parents of Francesco Baracca who is the World War 1 military aircraft pilot  who had said that putting this Prancing Horse will bring a good luck, Enzo had decided to put this logo in his car since then. For the Ferruccio Lamborghini, it is more straightforward as the bull representing his zodiac sign Taurus. Both car no matter how different in the design of their car, it had made an impact on the sports car design for years to come.

The Prancing Horse Ferrari Logo on the left and the Bull Lamborghini logo on the right

Ferrari, however, does not go under bankruptcy where Lamborghini had been shattered by bankruptcy in the late 70’s and was bought by US General Motors. Later Lamborghini had come back to the European ownership when Volkswagen had bought them under their CEO who is going under the big buying spree. Under Volkswagen, Lamborghini had been revived and with the addition of the Volkswagen Group DSG transmission who had created a world record of the fastest shirting dual clutch transmission, Lamborghini had started to hit the headlines again mainly for the car performance and elegant design.

Like the founder Enzo Ferrari who had made a great evolution in the sports car a long time ago, Ferrari decided to change the design of the sports car again with their Ferrari FF.  A sports car that still has all the Ferrari attributes but however instead of the normal low design it was designed in a crossover style between the SUV and sports cars which had led to much harsh criticism from the car lovers like the Ferrari loyalist and from the car industry critics itself. However, the CEO had stood fast and persist in his radical design and Ferrari FF when it was launched in 2011 had become an instant hit among the car lovers and it had received awards from the popular car magazine like Top Gear who had awarded it as Estate Car of the Year 2012, and meanwhile Car&Driver China magazine had awarded the Ferrari FF as the Most Beautiful Super Car 2011 at Shangai Auto Show.

Now Ferrari had decided to make the SUV like sports car Lamborghini had decided to take some approach and launched their first-ever SUV called as the Lamborghini Urus in this year. Where Ferrari FF had a design like the BMW X1 height the Lamborghini Urus is designed more like a proper SUV where it can be said it is a bit like the Porsche Macan and Cayenne style. The radical design of Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Urus although does not change the normal design of the sports car but it had added another dimension to the sports car design as now the sports car maker knew that they can make a sports car SUV and become popular with it. Sooner or later more sports car will come with their SUV and this again thanks to Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini Urus
Ferrari FF

When comes to other works apart from the sports car, Ferrari is the king in this department as they had conquered the F1 field many times with their consecutive awards. Ferrari under the subsidiary Scuderia Ferrari had won the constructor champion for a record 16 times and once they had won it for 6 consecutive times from 1999 to 2004. Like the dissatisfaction with Ferrari car that had led to the creation of Lamborghini, Ferruccio had also taken another decision that is against the norm of the car manufacturer during those time where he is against the decision to create a factory supported racing like Ferrari and this had led to disagreement between his engineer team who is a racing fan and some of them comes from Ferrari . Ferruccio reason is the commercial aspect of the selling is more than enough as he thinks that the motorsport is too expensive and resources draining for him hence this is one the reason why Lamborghini is not active in the F1 like Ferrari.

Both Italian had started the sports car one comes from the passion of the racing like Enzo Ferrari and another comes from the ambition to create the ultimate sports car after dissatisfaction with the Ferrari. Both are using the animal as a symbol for their car where one is deemed to bring good luck and another one is a zodiac sign of the owners. Both sport car comes from the passion of the founder to make ultimate sports car which in truth had outlived both as both sports car is most the popular and the ultimate choice for the car lovers whom seek perfection in the thrill and exhilarating ride and both sports car does deliver the feeling for the car lovers hence the name of Ferrari and Lamborghini will forever evoke the ambition and passion of the car lovers.

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