Fear had been with us since our primitive years. Fear is run or fight reaction. Those who had to choose run will avoid a certain situation that can create the fear in them and those who choose fight will try to conquer their fear and this person can be called a courageous person. When an individual had created an irrational and unnecessary fear that had overtaken him and making him having a hard time escape from the fear it is called a phobia. They are 100 types of phobia that a person can have regarding the animal, situation, medical treatment, and natural environment.

The phobia that we will look at today is called amaxophobia or vehophobia which means fear of driving. This fear can be for the driver and the passenger in the car. This fear can be created in the driver or the passenger from their bad experiences that they experienced themselves or that had happened to their loved one. Like the fear from the animal which had many types of phobia, they are some phobia and fear that can be associated with the driver and the passenger while driving the car.

One of the most heard fears that are also can be associated while driving is claustrophobia. This is a fear that is triggered when a person in an enclosed space. A certain car does not have a big space and for some individuals, this can trigger this type of phobia. This type of fear commonly can occur for the passenger of the car and in a certain extreme case, it can also affect the driver too.

The next phobia is agoraphobia where it is the fear of feeling being trapped. This fear can be triggered when combines with the panic attack that driver or passenger can faces where they are driving on the tunnels, bridge, long deserted, uphill, and downhill and in curvy roads. This and the claustrophobia can be dangerous and life-threatening for the driver and passenger who had this type of fear.

One of the common fear that attacks most of the individuals who have a bad experience in life is social phobia. This type of fear can also be triggered when driving a car. A person who had this fear can get excessive sweating, blushing, trembling, and nausea. These types can be triggered when the driver is driving with a high number of passengers due to the high responsibilities that the driver in making sure he or she and the passenger safe. This type of phobia can be triggered when the driver or the passenger had encountered a road bully.

They are also some individual who has dystychiphobia which means fear of accidents. Since driving is an activity that is also high risk where any mistakes can lead to an accident, the individual who had these types of fears will try to avoid a situation that had a high risk of an accident . Although this can be good since the phobia is related to excessive and irrational fear, the driver may try to avoid some situations where it is not accident-prone due to this fear.

The next fear that can be associated with driving is hodophobia which means fear of travel. This type of fear can also be associated while driving the car as the individual who had this type of phobia may comfortable in driving to a familiar place but not ready to explore a new destination or place.

Another fear that can be closely associated while driving the car is glossophobia which means fear of public speaking and while driving these types can be triggered when the person is speaking to road authorities. While driving, the road authorities can be the police, traffic police, road transportation officers, and other depending on the countries. When a person who had these types, he will encounter some reaction as the social phobia when trembling, excessive sweating, blushing, and others.

There is some of the phobias can be associated while driving a car. Why an individual can have these fears? This is due to the bad experience that the driver or passenger had encountered and a certain person may develop this fear naturally without any bad experience at all. Some individuals may have read excessively on the stories related to these types of fear which can cause them to get this type of phobia.

When an individual had this type of phobia where these can be dangerous while driving a car can seek professional treatment or read any book that related to overcoming this type of phobia. When comes to professional treatment, some of the methods are individual therapy sessions to seminars, group exposure sessions, and psycho-educational classes. In this type of treatment, the individual who had this type of fear will be asked to face their fear gradually until they can overcome their fear.


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