Car theft is a torturous and agonizing occurrence for any car lover that had been at the end of it. The car lovers who had their car stolen can be crestfallen, especially if they’re worked so hard to get their hand on their dream cars. Adding another layer of sadness, the procedure of making a police report, insurance claims, and waiting for their vehicle to be retrieved can make some car lovers despondent. According to research, only a few stolen cars had been recovered back. Due to these, they is  a dedicated Facebook page called Find My Missing Car Malaysia. Its purpose is to help recover the stolen car by providing beneficial information related to the stolen car. These can help car lovers pursue their recovered vehicles.  

The car theft unequivocally correlated to a nightmare like an experience for the affected person. Surprisingly, some car theft is interesting and can be mindless too. Here are some of the absurd car theft stories.  

We begin with interesting stories that emanate from our country. This person had stolen a luxury car from their showroom in broad daylight. In 2007, in Penang, this audacious car theft had happened. The person whose identity is not known untill today had dressed like a bussinesman holding a chequebook and visiting the Porsche showroom. He had set his sight at the Porsche 911 Targa 4 model, costing RM1 million. He somehow managed to convince the salesperson for the keys of Porsche. He dumbfounded everyone once he got the keys by driving off the car by smashing through the showroom window. His audacious scheme had failed as the vehicle had run of fuel after driving the car for 2km and was forced to abandon the vehicle. The vehicle was recovered by police and kept in the police compound for the required paperwork.

Nonetheless, again the car had been stolen from the police compound itself as the thief had come back and refuelled the car and again surprised everyone. He can do these as he still has the Porsche key in his hand. The police had been a hot pursuit for the man; therefore, the man had conceded defeat and abandoned the car in a secluded place. Incredibly, the man’s identity is not known until today.  

Another absurd car theft attempt had happened in 2017 in Florida, US. The previous story in our country is that a man drove the car from the showroom. However, in Florida, it is more intrepid as the thief called Florida Man had attempted to steal a police car while the police officers were in the vehicle. The officer writes a report in the patrol car while the engine is running idle, hearing some unusual noise from behind the car. His police instinct had kicked in once he had checked behind his car; the Florida Man had run away in a failed attempt to steal the police car. The Florida Man’s reasoning is absurd as he wants to drive the vehicle to make his way home.

How about successful stealing a famous car and selling it to someplace where you had stolen it? These riveting incidents happened in 2013. The famous car that was stolen is De Lorean’s car from California. The vehicle was immobile and neglected, but it is low mileage. It was stolen from the garage of the owners. In an imbecile move by the car thief, he had advertised the stolen car on the internet. The owner, who knows that he had found his car, had succesfully bargained with the online seller and managed to get back his car. The stolen car was given back to some owner, which is fascinating.

Selfie and video taking have become prevalent activities in the contemporary era. Every incident, activity, message, instruction, memory and a lot more are conveyed via these methods. The widespread use of smartphones and quick sharing in social media also contributed to these. Every selfie and video can become a clue and proof for the investigation authorities, which happened in these car thefts. In the United Kingdom, two-car theft had successfully stolen a Mclaren – Mercedez SLR. How do the authorities catch them? In an imbecile moment for the car thief, they had made a video recording with their stolen car while speeding on the highway. The police officer using the video had been able to track the thief and successfully retrieve the vehicle back—a moment of pure madness from the car thief seeking a false thrill.

The car theft and the car lovers affected by the thief can have an unpleasant experience with the car that had been stolen and troublesome procedure of collecting the required documents and waiting for it to be approved, which can consume an ample amount of time. At some time, they also had to ensure a torrid time of hoping their car could be retrieved soon. The car thief is an incident that should not happen to any car lover, and because of that, some car lovers had installed a GPS tracker in their car. Conversely, some of the car theft stories above about the audacious, ridiculous and simpleton moment of the car thief also had happened. The car thief stories above are anecdotes of how the car thief can also become an absurd moment.


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