A monarchy is usually a dynasty @ family rule. The monarchies legacy will be ascended to the next of kin, usually the elder male. Some monarchies had been dethroned or erased from history, and some had voluntarily surrendered their monarch to create a united independent country.

Like monarchies where families rule it, they are some automobiles with a family business. Some conglomerate had taken over some automobiles companies that are created, but family and here still run the company in this list is some of them


Henry Ford became one of the inspirational figures for creating the best motivational books, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills. Although he had some critics, like how he handled the worker’s rebellion with an iron fist, the company had been created by is still survived and run by the Ford family.


Tata family is a famous group of companies in India like Ambani group companies. They have also had the founder of Tata motors, who is owning Jaguar Motors. They are also the creator of the world cheapest car, the Tata Nano.


From a humble beginning, Toyota had become the world biggest car manufacturers, and their plantation is called Toyota city. Founded by Kiichiro Toyoda, the carmakers from Japanese had become famous for their car durability and indefinite quality for a long time. Moreover, they have become the inspiration for their style of car management, which is called the Toyota way.


Another family car maker from Japanese and is the biggest rival for Toyota is Honda. Ironically, Soichiro Honda had been rejected by Toyota, and with great persistence and indomitable will and some great innovations, Honda had become of the popular car makers in the world.


The South Korean carmaker Hyundai is also another Asian car manufacturer, which is a family business. The Hyundai had hired the Aston martin car engineer when they want to make the car. So, in the beginning, Hyundai motors cannot penetrate the American market; however, once they had successfully penetrated US markets, it had become one established and popular Asian car among us car covers.


Bavarian Motors Workshop or famously known for its short name BMW is a car maker owned by the Quandt family. They had held BMW from 1950 when both Herbert and Harald Quandt had purchased BMW from bankruptcy. Before both members of Quandt want to buy, a merger between BMW and Mercedez Benz was the proposed idea to save BMW from their financial turmoil.


Volkswagen, a company that is the brainchild of Adolf Hitler, wants to see that German can own a car like what Henry Ford did in the United States. The company owned by Ferdinand Porsche’s descendant and co-owned by the Piech family, who had raised the company to new heights until it became the largest car manufacturer in Europe.

Aston Martin.

The car brand famous for its collaboration in the sensational spy movie James Bond is another family car manufacturer. The founders of Aston Martin are Lionel Martin and James Bamford. It became Aston Martin Lagonda, who still owned Aston Martin’s ownership even though the owner had been passed to Ford Motor Company from 1993 to 2007. The Aston Martin quintessential British car, and it been named as British Cultural Icon car.

Fiat Motors.

The largest car manufacturer in Italy with Alfa Romeo was the brainchild of the Italian businessman Giovanni Agnelli. Like the Tata family, who owned multi business under their family name, the Agnelli family also has a business in fashion and the owner of the Italian football club Juventus.

The automobile is highly competitive, which involved many innovations, evolution, and revolution in engineering. The nature of automobile is highly competitive; it had seen many automobiles defuncted or purchased by other companies to ensure their brand survival. Car brands like Buggati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Bentley had seen a revival in their brand when Volkswagen and BMW had owned them.

Hence, it is a unique and astounding achievement for the car brand above to survive and still owns by their family descendants. Furthermore, it is a great persistence and survival from all the descendant to ensure their brand is still intact under the family name and not purchased by other conglomerates.

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