The car engine is one of the marvelous man-made engineerings for the automotive. Since Karl Benz had created the world first stationary gasoline engine for the car in 1879 that has one cylinder with 2 strokes, the engines had become the life of the car. The engine had been innovated and evolved to the diesel engine, turbocharged engine, V6, V8, V12, W16 engine in Bugatti Veyron, the latest engine with an electric motor for the hybrid model and maybe the future technologies fully electrical engine that had been created by Tesla Motors. Since the engine is the life for any car, any malfunction or damage to the engine can lead to unpleasant experience while driving and a hit in the pocket for the car lover. That is one of the reasons on why the car engine needs to be maintained regularly and in the layman term, the car service is mainly for the maintenance of the engine as every service interval the engine oil must be changed.


Using the engine oil dipstick to check the engine oil level in the car. In order the get the most accurate read, the car need to be started for a warm up. Then shut off the car and take the dipstick to the check on the engine oil


The engine oil is petroleum based and the present motor oil is blended with the composition of hydrocarbon, poly alpha olefins (PAO), poly internal outings(PIO), an organic compound that consists of the carbon and hydrogen. In the high-performance engine oil, its contain up to 20% weight of ester. The engine oil function is crucial to prolong the life of the engine as its reduce wear on the moving parts, cleans the moving parts from sludge, inhibits corrosion to the engine, improves sealing and cools the engine by carrying the heat away from the moving parts. The function as per Castrol tagline “Liquid Engineering” is absolute marvel as the liquid is multipurpose detergent, cleaner, removing the heat, cooling and reduce the wear and tear for the engines.

Basically, when we send our car for maintenance they are 2 type of engine oil that will be commonly used in the service center. The first engine oil is the semi-synthetic engine oil that is a blend of mineral oil and synthetic base oil. It is designed to give the benefits of fully synthetic oil but at the lower cost. The next is the fully synthetic engine oil and presently many car manufacturers using this type of engine oil for their engine. The fully synthetic engine oil is a pure engine oil without any mineral oil or conventional engine oil. It can provide the highest level of performance and due to this many of the car service centers presently using this type of engine oil for their car.

For both of semi and fully synthetic, the cost for the fully synthetic is higher than the semi-synthetic engine oil and for the fully synthetic engine oil, the service interval is usually longer as it needs to be replaced on each 10,000km if compared to the semi-synthetic as the interval is shorter at 5,000km. Another main reason why many of the present car using the fully synthetic engine oil is the fully synthetic is more durable as it far more resilient to the ever-changing engine temperature, prolong the engine life, and it can maintain the functionality of high performance due to the longer interval if compared to the semi-synthetic engine oil.

They are another thing that differentiates the engine oil and that is called as engine oil viscosity or in the simple term is basically the engine oil weight. The weight of the engine oil is determined by the multi-grade system created and measured by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE). The oil weight is another crucial factor in the engine oil as it determines the engine oil resistance to the oil flow in the engine cold start and normal drive.

The engine oil weight is displayed by the number like 10w 40, 10w 60, 5w 40, 0w 30 and much more. What does the number mean? For an example, let’s take the oil weight grade of 10w40. The 10w means the oil weight or thickness in the low temperature as the lower the number the thinner the oil and a thinner engine oil is better as it can flow more easily and gave more protection to the engine in the cold start. The number 40 meanwhile is the oil thickness in the engine normal operating temperature. The higher the number the thicker the engine oil will and this number must right in the sweet spot because if the engine oil is too thin it will not protect the engine efficiently and if ifs too thick then the engine lose its performance efficiency.


Castrol EDGE engine oil that has 5w30 oil weight.


For the semi-synthetic engine oil the weight of the oil usually will be in the number 10w and for the fully synthetic the oil weight usually will be in the number 5w. For the high-performance engine oil, the number usually start with 0w and the engine oil that has this grade will be higher in term of the price. This engine oil that starts 0w is not used in any service center and if the car lovers want this type of engine oil then they can buy it in the car spare part shops or at any car mechanic shops outside.

The are many famous engine oil brands in our country like Castrol, Shell Helix, Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Valvoline and much more. Many of the car service centers will usually use the brands like Castrol, Shell, Petronas, Motorcraft and much more. Some car manufacturer like Honda, Toyota, Volvo, Perodua, and BMW will use their own engine oil that is specifically made for their car engines.


honda engine oil.jpg
Honda Fully Synthetic Engine oil.


Currently, the engine oil is petroleum based but in the future, they may use the vegetable oil to reduce the emission or maybe if the electric car had been widely used in the future the needs for engine oil will be eliminated altogether. For now, the future of the engine oil is safe but with our ever-changing world with some life changing innovation things can take a rapid turn in the future for the engine oil. As for now, the engine oil is the life saver to prolong the life of the engine and maintaining the engine of the car.

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