Each time when we send our car for service maintenance which either preventative, minor and major service, the first thing that any service centre or car mechanic will do is replacing the oil filter and pouring in the engine oil. As the main integral of car maintenance, and it not hyperbole to say that this the prerequisite in car maintenance. The engine oil function is to prevent corrosion to the engine, improving the fuel-efficient of the car, maintaining the car performance or improving the car performance, as a mechanism to protect the vehicle when they are collusion between and to making sure that the car engine is in good shape.

They are many types of engine oil that that car user can refill, maintain or replace for their car. And we will look at the popular choice among the car owners when it comes to choosing the engine oil they believed is the best for their vehicle. Each engine oil had gained a good reputation among car lovers because of the stringent process to ensure their engine oil can provide the best experience for car lovers. The car engine oil choice for the car lovers can be arbitrary as even though they are some review for the engine oil, it still depends on the car lovers preferences.


Ask any car lovers about the engine oil the name Castrol will be the ultimate choice without deliberation. The American engine oil distributor, with his tag “liquid engineering,” espoused that their engine oil is high in quality as they treat it as liquid engineering.

Liqui Molly

Made in german is a tag that is synonymous with quality at the highest level. The BMW, Mercedez Benz, Continental, Audi, Volkswagen, and now the Liqui Molly is gaining significant attention for the car lovers who want the best oil for their beloved engine. The Liqui Molly, along with its engine additives, is fast becoming a popular choice among the automobile lovers like Castrol.


Royal Dutch Shell engine oil from the Netherlands is not only known their Shell V Power Racing fuel but also for their engine oil Shell Helix. Unlike Castrol and liquid molly, which available in the spare parts shop, mechanic shops, and some service centre, the Shell engine oil can be purchased from the Shell Select shop


Valvoline is another American engine oil maker. Although compared to the shell, Castrol and Liqui Molly Valvoline do not recite in the car lover’s heart when it comes to engine oil, but they still distributed some high-quality engine oil.

Toyota and Honda

Toyota Zaibatsu or Toyota group is the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. It not only manufacturer car but also produces lubricant, and the Toyota engine oil is also the cream la croupe engine oil for automobile lovers. It is not only for Toyota but also compatible which non-Toyota cars too. Even Honda too produce their engine oil for their iVtec engine.


The company was founded after World War I when then French President Raymond Poincaré rejected forming a partnership with Royal Dutch Shell in favour of creating an entirely French oil company. At Poincaré’s behest, Col. Ernest Mercier, with the support of ninety banks and companies, founded Total on 28 March 1924 as the Compagnie française des pétroles (CFP), literally the “French Petroleum Company.” Petroleum was seen as vital in the case of a new war with Germany. The company renamed itself Total CFP in 1985 to build on the popularity of its gasoline brand. Later in 1991, the name was changed to Total, when it became a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange


Albert J. Amatuzio founded AMSOIL Inc. while serving as Squadron Commander of the Duluth, Minn Air National Guard. In 1972, AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) service requirements. The company created its tagline, “The First in Synthetics,” to acknowledge the achievement. By 1970, Amatuzio had renamed his company “AMSOIL, and in 1994, Amatuzio was inducted into the Lubricants World Hall of Fame.

Each engine oil, although they served to some purpose of maintaining the vehicle engine the difference that made is on additive used which makes them different than their competitor. Each engine oil has its selling point. Liqui Molly can be said to have the most addictive among all the engine oil brands. In contrast, Castrol had revolutionized the engine oil with their MAGNATEC, and fluid Titanium and Amsoil had become the first fully synthetic oil brand and many others.

Although some automobile lovers and service centers may prefer some engine oil for their car model, Castrol’s brand had gained enormous popularity when it comes to engine oil. In contrast, Liqui Molly had gained colossal popularity presently. Royal Dutch Shell, meanwhile, is also one of the popular choices among automobile lovers, and they too have a good reputation when it comes to engine oil reliability and enhanced performance for the engine. Each engine oil brand had come a long way to establish itself. The humble beginning to become a global market engine oil supplier is an excellent testament for those who worked persistently behind the scene.

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