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The hybrid technologies had hit a great popularity now all  the car manufacturer like BMW, Mercedez Benz, Audi and even Porsche whom emphasize on the high performance for their car also had hybrid car in their production. Previously it was only the Japanese manufacturer like Toyota (the pioneer), and Honda that have hybrid car in their production. Although the reason for the manufacturer to create the hybrid vehicle is too take advantages for the tax exemption in our country where the car can be sold in cheaper price compare to the original hybrid price and also to introduce the new technologies as their selling point for the potential buyer adding with their reputation. But this can also be a stepping stone for the fully electric car with no internal combustion engine in the future.

Like the hybrid car foundation started by the Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche in the early 19th centuries, the electric car foundation was started earlier than hybrid. It had started in London on 1884 by Thomas Parker where in his version he is using a specially designed high capacity rechargeable battery which he had designed and in 1888 in what was recognized as the world’s first electric car the German made Flocken Electrowagen. The sale of the electric car had peaked in late 19th centuries and early 20th centuries but due to advancement in the internal combustion engine technologies and the cheap price of the gasoline led to the rapid decline of the electric car that time. Even in the 1970’s oil crisis, they had tried to revive the electric car but it was short-lived until early 21st centuries as Nissan and Tesla had revived the electric car again.

In 2011, Nissan had introduced the world first fully electric car in the 21st centuries called as Nissan Leaf and with Toyota also introduced the Prius as the world first hybrid car ,the electric motor had been revived again . But the electric car had gained an increase in the popularity when Martin Eberhard and his team created the world first electric sport car called as Tesla Roadster and with this success of it, they had also introduced the Tesla S Model another electric car. Tesla Motors is the first car manufacturer in the world that does not have internal combustion or turbo engine in their production line. With the electric car and also the hybrid car, the fully electric car maybe nearer for us in the future as the electric car had a lot of benefits compare to traditional combustion engine.

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The biggest advantages that the electric car provides is zero emission or zero tailgate emission. With the internal combustion the process of burning inside the engine will lead to the release of the carbon monoxides that will be harmful to the environment where in the electric car the emission is zero and in the end it will reduce the greenhouse effect on the environment.

With no burning process involved, the electric car can provide an instant torque that translated to smooth acceleration and 3 times more efficiency than the traditional combustion engine.

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Another great thing provided by fully electric car is it will reduce the dependability with oil countries. Most of biggest oil reserve countries is in the Middle East where it was absolute turmoil in the they with the never ending Israel Palestine conflict and the emergence of ISIS that had created a volatile situation in there and this volatile situation will affect the price of the oil where the price of the crude oil can increase rapidly which will translated back to the user in term of cost.

They are also cons for the electric car. For the purist or the traditionalist whom love the sound of the engine when revved and the thrill feel of pushing the car to the limit will say that the electric car does not have “soul” compare to the traditional internal combustion engine. Some user will find it to digest an electric car as they had loved the petrol car.

Unlike the petrol based car where there are petrol outlet everywhere the charging port for the electric car is still not available like the petrol outlet but thing will changes in the future with regards to this. For the now the best solution for recharging the battery pack had been provided by the hybrid where the user can use the house socket to recharge the car or by using the brake regeneration method that had been built by some car manufacturer. Maybe some new technologies will be introduced in the future to reduce the dependability on the charging port.

The main problem will be for the disable person. Where the previous petrol car , they is the engine sound ,on the electric car it will pure silence when starting the car and in some case the fully electric car does not have any sound due to no emission and this will cause a major problem for the disable person whom depend on the engine sound .

However the electric car maybe will have its biggest competition from the oil and gas company and country whom depend on the oil to make the profit and they will seriously resist the idea of the electric car to be implemented fully by all the car manufacturer. Once the electric car had gained the popularity among the users, the oil and gas company and the petrol outlet will be the on the losing side but the oil and gas company will definitely fight hard to prevent this from happening.


Car in the future will be totally different than the current one with the autonomous driving and also the hybrid technologies. The future for the car is looking bright and many of the car manufacturers will try to outdo each other by making their car the best in this revolution and at the end day the end user will enjoy the benefit of this competition. The electric car is the future and it maybe the end of the petrol based car and company.

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