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Once the notorious addiction for a human is alcohol consumption, smoking, and worst of all the addiction to drugs, especially cocaine. According to statistics on the country that consumes most drugs, the high number of drug addicts is in the United States due to ease of access to the drug that had been smuggled through from Mexico. Another addiction that can kill a person and it is said that this addiction has contributed to the high number of heart attacks and cancer cell growth in the human body is cigarette smoking. Although cigarette smoking is a more common addiction, they are no prohibition of do not smoke and drive which can be associated with alcohol addiction. Due to sheer curiosity, and head-blowing stress and pressure, some of us had been fallen into this addiction and some able to escape from this crutch while some able to mitigate the effect and some had crumbled badly under these addictions.

Now in the past decade with the growing popularity of the internet in the computer and smartphone which had penetrated our life to an extent that is had been become our imperative part of our job and in our personal life, they are another addiction that can deliver a catastrophic effect to human life and that addiction is excessive gambling. Once the gambling only possible when we are going to the casino, or maybe casual gambling with our friends and family but with the worldwide usage of the world wide web the online gamble had become a new type of addiction.

Now in these contemporary worlds, the world had become smaller due to social media and smartphone app where any information can be gained at the fingertips. With this, the online gamble too had also come in the smartphone and social media. The increase of the online gambling site makes the user gamble in every situation hence making a situation where going the gambling site such as casino or gambling place archaic. With the increasing amount of advertisement of gambling sites on social media and the internet and also with a random message via WhatsApp from the gambling agent, it had elicited the user to try their luck to earn a big amount.

Although some prefer to gamble in the casino the increase of the online gambling site makes the gambling addiction become worst many users had succumbed and surrendered to the urge of gambling their money and in an instance making them endure an emotional rupture, instability, depression, and in some cases suicide. Losing a huge amount of money in an instance from gambling can create emotional instability for the individual and in the split second, they can make some decisions that can be paramount to their lives and those around their vicinities.

Since online gambling had emerged as its looks, they are more people who try their luck on the gamble as due to the lockdown imposed in the sone country due to covid 19 issue which had led some retrenched from their job, losing the rice bowl and losing the status as rice bowler. Since every people can gamble now this includes car lovers. How can this addiction rupture their lives? The main reason why many love to gamble is for two instant gratifications. In gamble, the individual can earn an enormous amount of money in quick succession and it triggers the dopamine hormone in their mind that gave them great pleasure. But the instant gratification is just an illusion and, gambling addiction can decimate a person’s life and make them topsy turvy in their life.

Unlike other common man addiction which includes smoking and excessive alcohol drinking, gambling addiction severity is not taken seriously but with excessive gambling sources outside the casino where the populous usage of internet in the pc and smartphone gambling too had become a severe addiction which is far greater than smoking and alcoholic.

They are many ways gambling can affect a person. Gambling looks like ultimate sedentary money earning where the amount deposit is expected to be multiplied excessively hence making the individual happy, but this is just hogwash. Gambling severely cripples the person’s self-confidence and making him subservient to the game, losing his self-control and instead of multiply his money, the individual will instead compounding his negative emotion. The person who had lost the money will start to ruminate about his lost money and due to the decimation of his inner self, he or she will lose their forbearance.

When a car lover loses his forbearance, this can let him to lost judgment and focus while driving which can bring self-devastation for his vehicle and himself. They are some car lovers who lost an excessive amount of money that is originally used for paying his commitment and due to shame and unable to be brazen, he will make the ultimate decision of ripping his life. They are one story of how a businessman lost his saving and his earning had decided to suicide but before killing his spouse and his children this is the situation when a person compounded with the negative emotion and losing his forbearance.

Gambling companies had made the interest to attract the potential customer by advertising bonus and the vivid colorful advertisement on the internet that shows the amount that is possible to win but, this is contradictory. It shows that the gamble is a fun way to earn money, but it is a game that drains the positive emotion and increasing the negative emotion of the users.

The gambling effect is not something that is publicized widely and warned in every corner like the cigarette and alcohol, and therefore many had fallen to this. The instant gratification of a plain gamble can lead to long-term emotional suffering for the gambler who can lose their deposit or earnings, family, being ignored by friends, eliciting dishonesty that led to embezzlement of money, and in the extreme situation committing suicide. In simple terms, excessive gambling is a far more dangerous addiction than cigarettes and alcohol.

Sooner or later, correlated with the increase of the gambling site advertisement and also with the self-triggered emotional devastation by those who lost the money, the danger of gambling will also be highlighted and advertised similar to smoking and alcohol consumption. The simple term, although gamble does not affect a person physically like smoking and alcohol consumption the effect of excessive bring up an extreme amount of compounding of negative emotion which can lead its effect to be more severe than smoking and alcohol consumption.

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