Driving on the Malaysian road can be a stressful event as traffic congestion increases everywhere in the Klang Valley. Once, the Mex highway was free of traffic jams. Still, in the current situation, even the Mex highway had prolonged traffic congestion similar to Federal Highway; some users colloquially termed the Mex “the next Federal Highway.” Despite the nearly ubiquitous traffic congestion in the Klang Valley, they are an issue that seems omnipresent on the Malaysian road, which is quite perilous and deviate from the mundane daily driving which is some driver drove the against the traffic flow. It is one of the hazardous scenarios that can be dangerous to drivers who are against the road flow and those who follow it.   

This scenario does stir up a big question: how can this happen? It may not be coincidental or hyperbole to say that these scenarios have occurred frequently since the government had decided to abolish all the restrictions implemented during the Movement Control Order(MCO). It was written in the history book of Malaysia in April 2019; the Malaysian government had decided to implement the MCO to prevent the widespread Covid 19 threat. The MCO that has been called MCO 1.0 is absolutely stern as most of the non–essential businesses had been forced to close down. During this time, Malaysia’s roads had emptied as everyone was forced to stay home, and some automobile lovers had taken the chance.

Every Malaysian needs to sacrifice their time to help the front lines of the medical department to contain the Covid 19, and the frontliner of the medical department had been in a  terrible situation too. During these, some drivers may have tried to drive against the flow of the road to have fun and make a thrill-seeking experience. Undeniably, some drivers could break through or bypass the strict police roadblock and may have tried these high-risk rides. During this time, it is not risky enough as the road is emptied as though Malaysia had come to a dead stop as the non-essential activity is prohibited.  

However, after several months the government had mulled and played around with the MCO by prohibiting some activities and allowing some businesses to operate. Some companies operate with the least staff, and some operate with the Work From Home(WFH). During this time, the road is also emptied but not to a dead stop like the MCO 1.0. Perhaps during this time, some drivers had made it a habit to drive against the flows as the road was still not packed with people moving around. The driver who had driven the car against the flow had made it second nature to them.

Now, the issue had been quite dangerous and life-threatening for everyone once they saw a driver driving against the road flow. They are increasing the number of drivers driving against the road flows. These proved that some of these drivers do not have a lack of consideration for the other road users, making driving on the highway dangerous. They are making other drivers anxious and worried as any mishap can be life-threatening for everyone.

To make the situation worse, some drivers driving against the road flow had been intoxicated, severely derailing their judgment and conscious mind. Some drivers are doing these to make a time-saving approach to escape the heavy traffic congestion. Either way, both reasons can’t be justified as the drivers need to adhere to the road flow. The saving grace is that only a few drivers are doing these, but a few can give a life-threatening implication to various drivers adhering to the road flows.

The driver who drove his vehicle against the road flow would be guilty if caught in the accident, no matter what the justification he gave to the relevant authorities. With the widespread of car lovers having the Digital Video Recorder(DVR) fixed in their car, the car and its number plate can be a source of proof. The driver who does not adhere to the rules can be caught with evidence, making life easy for the authorities. They are also a Facebook page for DVR users who have witnessed many of these scenarios.

This scenario is far more dangerous, and the relevant authorities must take severe action. The enforcement must be hard on them without any room for sympathy so that it can be a lesson for everyone. The driver driving against the road flow is endangering everyone. Unfortunately, it can also lead to the loss of a loved one which can emotionally derail any family member. The road flow had explicitly been built to ensure the driver and its precious vehicle flow accordingly in any situation. Having one uncourteous driver driving against the road flow is absolute hogwash and is not safe for everyone.

A driver is driving according to the road flow, and encountering someone who drives against road flow will a trepidation can lead to an accident. The accident can also involve several cars. A full stop by taking extreme action such as incarceration for the driver driving against the flow, revoking his license, hefty fines, and other necessary punishment must be enforced without any room for tolerance from the relevant authorities. The driver driving against the road flow may have some illogical reason and will try to justify it; however, his hogwash action can lead to other drivers panicking and anxious and lead to the demise of other car drivers who adhere to the rules and regulations. THIS THING MUST BE STOPPED SWIFTLY, AND PUNISHMENT MUST BE WITHOUT ANY TOLERANCE.

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