We have to encounter smokers everywhere. In cinemas, in the parking, in the hospital, in the restaurant, public places, in the workplace and many more places. Even in some offices, they are smoking zone where the smokers can smoke in there. Even in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA), they are smoking zone in the satellite building. For non-smokers, they will try to avoid the smoke exhaled by the smokers to avoid being affected by the second-hand smoking.

The reason that the smokers have this habit is stress, so much working, and habit. According to the famous Easy Way inventor Alan Carr, he had said that the real reason people are smoking because of the nicotine addiction. Yes, in smoking they are addictive substances called as nicotine that have strong withdrawal symptom that leads smoker to have some difficulties to kick out the habits as they will encounter the notorious withdrawal symptoms.

The journey from being a non-smoker to smokers is not an easy one for anyone who has the habit. When anyone tried to smoke for the first time, their body will try to reject the smoke inhaled by coughing or having a headache but once they had used to it the addiction will be slow and steady and will not be noticed by the smoker until they are trying to quit. It is a hard journey for the starter and also a harder one to quit this thing. Although they are some who had successfully quit smoking by using cold turkey or nicotine therapy method some are unable to kick out this habit and some may have a death caused by smoking.

The journey from nonsmoker to smoker will always start with a coughing

Today I will write about the smokers while driving yes the smokers in the car. In our country, they are no such ban for smoking in the car but in countries like Mauritius, the drivers are prohibited from smoking in the car with the passenger inside. While several countries like Arab Saudi, Australia, England, and much more prohibit the drivers from smoking in the car where they are minor or children in the car. The minor age will be determined by the law of the countries. And in countries like Finland they are planning to ban the drivers from smoking in the car.

Although the real reason of people smoking is the nicotine addiction, the famous reason that will be used by some is a lot of stress. For the drivers especially that had been stuck in the traffic jam smoking will help them to reduce stress while trapped in the jam. Especially in our road where they are traffic jam even on the weekend, this will help them to use this reason to smoke in the car. Even though they are some advantage for the drivers to smoke in the car they some cons also.

To smoke the drivers, need to light up the cigarette by using the lighter. This sometimes can cause a distraction for the drivers to focus on the road and can lead to a minor accident or near accident. Let say the drivers light up the cigarettes and his car had moved to next lane this will cause a disruption for the other drivers or for the motorcyclist which can lead to a disaster or near disaster.

The drivers need to lift up the cigar with lighter. In this situation, it can cause a distraction for the drivers.

The car can have a bad tobacco smell if the drivers are often smoking in the car. In this instance, this may cause a discomfort to the passenger if they have some allergic with the tobacco smell. This can be worst if the drivers do not wash his car regularly. For the drivers who smoke in the car, they need to clean the car regularly to avoid this. This also can be worst if the drivers and passenger are smokers and the tobacco smell can be doubled due to this.

Although this is not as worst as smoking in the public places, the smoker in the car still can expose other to a second-hand smoke or passive smoke. Studies had shown that passive smoker will be at risk to be affected by any sick related to smoking and this can be dangerous too other who is not a non-smoker. And this one of the main reason that some countries banned the drivers from smoking in the car with passengers, minors, and kids.

When the drivers need to smoke he needs to open the window and expose his smoking hand to the outside of the car. This may although rarely happen cause some minor injuries to the drivers and motorcyclist. Let say a motorcyclist was out of control, they may hit the driver’s hand and also the smoke that drivers exhale can affect the motorcyclist with the end may lead to the riders to lost control on his motorcycle and lead to a minor incident.

For the drivers whom is a smoker but does not smoke in the car, he or she may need to rest to take the cigar to relieve the withdrawal symptom that is associated with smoking. Some drivers who may need to drives a long journey like driving to the north of Malaysia or driving to the east coast it can more than 2 hours to reach their destination and if they had encountered any traffic jam the journey can be longer. This will make the drivers stop in rest place to having a smoke before he continues his journey to the destination. This can be a good thing for the drivers to take a rest.

The drivers who had the smoking habits will have a difficult time when they tried to quit especially while his driving but with some resistance, they will be able to stop from smoking in the car for a while. But to kick out the habit fully that a different story as they need to kick out the nicotine withdrawal for at least 1 month before they can kick out the habit. Due to the nicotine in the cigar, to kick out the habit using the cold turkey it will take an enormous pain and a strong willpower to kick out this habit and not everyone able to do it. So for the drivers at least they maybe can quit smoking in the car first before they can quit the habit for good.

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